Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1903 (Heft 1)

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THOUGH the literary contributions will be the best of their kind
procurable, it is not intended to make this a photographic primer,
but rather a magazine for the more advanced photographer.
“CAMERA WORK” owes allegiance to no organization or
clique, and though it is the mouthpiece of the Photo-Secession
that fact will not be allowed to hamper its independence in the
slightest degree.
AN undertaking of this kind, begun with the sole purpose of
furthering the “Cause” and with the intention of devoting all
profits to the enlargement of the magazine’s beauty and scope is
dependent for its success upon the sympathy and coöperation,
moral and financial, of its friends. And it is mainly upon you
that the life of this magazine hangs. The many subscribers who
have responded to our advance notice have encouraged us to believe
that the future of the publication is assured beyond question; but
we can not express too strongly the hope that you will continue
your good offices in our behalf.
WITHOUT making further pledges we present the first number of
“Camera Work,” allowing it to speak for itself.
Alfred Stieglitz
Joseph T. Keiley
Dallett Fuguet
John Francis Strauss
Associate Editors.

ALL shadows once were free;
But wingless now are we,
And doomed henceforth to be
In Light’s Captivity.
John B. Tabb.

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