Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1903 (Heft 1)

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THE facilities offered by the United States Express Company for procuring
for you any photographic merchandise not procurable in this country.
THE absolute focus of moving objects obtainable with the Graflex camera,
and its improved focal-plane shutter adapted to lenses of every focus. This
camera, made by the Folmer & Schwing Manufacturing Company, is
undoubtedly the most perfect of its kind manufactured in this country
and is invaluable for a certain class of work impossible heretofore.
THE broad effects obtainable with the extra heavy rough platinotype of
Willis & Clements, both in sepia and black. Our test shows this to be of
the same high grade as their other papers.
THAT the postponement until October, 1903, of the Bausch & Lomb
Optical Company Competition still gives you an opportunity of capturing
a prize.
THE new store of Geo. F. Of,whose framing of photographs has added to
the admiration expressed for many of the American prints.
THE manner in which Otto Knoll binds books of all kinds, together with
the portfolios for holding prints of which he makes a specialty.
THE new high-speed lens, the Heliar, working at F 4.5 which the
Voigtländer people are about to introduce.
THAT hitherto fully appreciated but difficult-to-get Cooke lenses
manufactured by Taylor, Taylor & Hobson, of England, will be at last
more “ get-atable ” by reason of the branch offlce which this firm recently
has established in New York.
ART Cyko, the new Anthony-Scovill bromide developing-paper which we
have tested and found worthy.
A NEW hand-camera—the “Speedway”—on the Anschütz principle,
fitted with a focal-plane shutter adjustable from without, made of ebony
and morocco, finished most beautifully, fitted with Collinear lenses, and
imported from Germany by G. Gennert.
THE offer of Tennant & Ward for articles of practical photographic
BECAUSE we live in an era of specialization the newly established Helios
Photographic Paper Company has realized the desires of the ever-increasing
ranks of the advanced photographers for platinum-coated papers of varying
grades, surfaces, colors and body, by offering to specially sensitize in black
or " sepia platinum” any vellum, tissue, paper or parchment which the
photographer may send to them for this treatment. The results we have
examined have moved us to call the attention of our readers to this
innovation in America.

Orders for foreign
photographic material

and focusing.—A very
high-grade camera

Another grade
of platinum paper

Competition postponed


Print-portfolios and

An announcement

An American branch

A new bromide

The " Speedway "

$ $ $

Platinum paper coated
to order
loading ...