Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly — 1903 (Heft 1)

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A rare opportunity

New products

THE offer at fifty cents a sheet, 20x26 inches, of one hundred thousand
sheets of Jacoby platinum paper, smooth black and pyramid-grain black,
through the agent for America, C. Heuermann.
THE various photographic chemicals, developer, intensifier, flashlight, etc.,
newly placed upon the market by the Farbenfabriken of Elberfeld Company,
famous for the purity of its products.


THE ILLUSTRATIONS of the next number of
Camera Work will, in the main, be devoted to the
work of that preëminent young American painter-
photographer, Eduard J. Steichen, who has recently
returned from Europe. Notwithstanding the scoffs
with which the work of this young artist was greeted
not two years ago by press and public, both here and
abroad, he has managed within that time not only to
convert most of his former antagonists, but also
through his splendid and original work to prove a
powerful factor in the battle for recognition of photography from the art
world. The inserts will be of a character which will do full justice to the
subtleties of Mr. Steichen’s work and will thus, for the first time, give to
that general public which has never had the opportunity of seeing the
originals some conception of the reasons for Mr. Steichen’sunexampled
success. Editors.

ADDENDA.—The following individual awards to Americans were made
at the Turin exhibition: Grand Prizes, Clarence H. White, Frank Eugene,
Alfred Stieglitz, W. B. Dyer, Gertrude Käsebier; Gold Medals, Edmund
Stirling, Rose Clark and Elizabeth Flint Wade; Silver Medals, Ema
Spencer, Mary R. Stanbery, Joseph T. Keiley, Isaac Benjamin; Honorable
Mentions, Alice M. Boughton, A. H. Stoiber, E. Lee Ferguson, L.
Cassavant, Eva Watson-Schütze, W. W. Renwick, Thomas M. Edmiston,
D. D. Spellman.
ENGLAND received eighteen awards: three grand prizes, five gold medals,
five silver medals and five honorable mentions. J. Craig Annan, F.
Hollyer and Alex. Keighley, are the grand-prize winners.
FRANCE captured ten awards: three grand prizes (Robert Demachy,Captain
Puyo, Maurice Brêmard), three silver medals, and four honorable mentions.
THE jury was composed of four painters, one sculptor and two photog-
WE are informed that the Linked Ring has honored Edmund Stirling,
Mary Devens and W. B. Dyer, with election to its membership-roll.

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