International studio — 18.1902/​1903

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^ KT//v/s* ?'// " " /Wvc C7////^/7/7/7///6'

nineteenth century for whom the book was written.
The new edition contains a number of excellent
pen-and-ink illustrations byFLORENCE M. RuDLAND.
Zf///? ZcZ/ f?/' Z<772^ H^<7, by MARGARET BLAIKIE
(London: Gay & Bird), price 3/. 6<Z., with its
dainty iilustrations by LiLY DE MoNTMORENCY, is
intended for quite young children, and wih certainly
gain their unstinted approval and admiration.
H<%7C72/7/7-«.s' <7/* told and ilius-
trated by W. HEATH RouiNSON (London : Grant
Richards), is a remarkably amusing and clever
book. The story is good, while the ihustrations are
particuiarly powerful, being not oniy fuii of genuine
humour, but exceedingiy weii drawn and effective.
Frorn Messrs. Longmans & Co. (London) we
have received ZXc (?<i/Zwggg''y Pictured
In infantiie circles the U<?///w<y is now an acknow-
ledged institution, and there wiii be joy among the
young peopie at sight of this new volume of adven-
tures. It is a worthy companion to the previous
ones which treat of the same hero. Z%^ Z?«<7%
<7/* -/?<7/7M72<r<?, edited by ANDREW LANG, contains
many oid-time romances, acquaintance with which
shouid be made by aii. ZHc Zw<77-</ Z'A.<r«/7%M7-,
Z%C <2«M/ <7/^ /%C ZZl/p (ZT-a//, Z<!7«rc/«/ «7<Z (?M/77C-
Z7C7-C, IL<TI7/<3:77Z /%C Z777//Z, (ZMC///7- /%C Z/7*<777J, are
among the coilection. The iiiustrations consist of
some exceiient drawings in biack-and-white and in
coiour, by H. J. FoRD.
Mr. John Lane (London and New York) has
issued a new edition of that delightful book, Z?7-c<!:777
ZZay.f, by K.ENNETH GRAHAM, which inciudes
some very clever iiiustrations in photogravure, from
drawings by Mr. MAXFIELD PARRisn. It is a
book to buy and to preserve. In H Z?<777M77<rc <7/*
/Zc A^<7-jc7y, Mr. L. ALLEN HARKER treads some-
what ciosely in the steps of Mr. Kenneth Graharn;
but he is no piagiarist, his work being singuiariy
fresh and wholesomely unconyentional. The book
deserves a great success.
Mrs. DEARMER is best known for her quaintly
extravagant illustrations of such books as " A
Noah's Ark Geography" and " Roundabout
Rhymes." ZW/yy Fc«7-j (London : Smith, Elder &
Co., price 6y.) is in a more serious vein than this
author's previous work, though humour is by no
means wanting, and the story of Robin and Toby
will not fail to win the hearts of the junior public
to whom it is intended to appeal. In the illustra-
tions EvA Roos proves herself apt and skilfu) in
the use of lead pencil, and her drawings have been
well reproduced.

Messrs. Charles Goodall & Sons have just
published some playing cards from designs by Mr.
FREDERICK D. WALENN, in which a praiseworthy
and successful effort has been made to produce
something which will serve an artistic as well as
a commercial purpose. Mr. Walenn has drawn
inspiration for his designs from various Japanese
sources, and has carried them out as far as
possible in the style of coloured prints. They
should become popular with those who desire a
pleasant change from the cards in common use.
TnE awards in this competition wiH be made
known at a later date.
A number of excellent drawings have been sub-
mitted, but owing to the exigencies of space only
three illustrations can be given.
The FiRST PRiZE ((?73<7 (Z?//72<M:) is awarded to
Z/c%3 (Gerald Warren, "The Studio," AnlabyRoad,
The SECOND PRIZE (Z/o:^Z<!:-(?2//72<;a), to ZF<rZ^7-
(Chris. Adams, 15 The Arcade, Reading).
Honourable Mention: Z%g Z?<7y (Mary C.
Rotheram); Ip2'72Zs'Z27gZ/ (coupon mislaid); Z/7/</<272/
(T. J. Dadson); Coy/<772 Z?<2f (Harry Wanless);
Z/a.v' (Nellie Harvey); X<7/'g7-f7'ZM (E. H. Compton);
Z%A//<?(Ada Tait); X/<27y7-<7y<; (William Redworth);
Z/<2A%2*<r% (Ernest Warner);y2//g«^'<7/2'v (E. J. Smith);
IFksZ (W. E. Sprout); fUr<r<7772%g (William Red-
worth); Z?7/^7- (Claud Cooper); IDZ/Z (Alfred
Proessclort); ZZ/Zy)^ (Miss J. H. Dickinson); and
Z7-2//Z (H. J. Thompson).
The FiRST PRIZE (C72« (Z7//72M) has been won
by ZA</7*<7<r7-272<772 (Alberto Grosso, 7 Via Rorna,
Turin, Italy).
The SECOND PRIZE (Z/<2^Z<2-(?///72<;c), by C&/AZ
(J. Bell, jun., Edwaltor House, Notts.).
Honourable Mention : Z?<2772MM (Norah Binnie);
Z%77-2«<7<7</ (H. J. Abbey); IIZ//<r7-%<77-72 (W. C. Crafts);
ylA:%<7/772^ (J. Tonge); Z?Z. ^f. (E. Adelot); C«772
(C. A. Mitchell); Z<272<^/<!<2// (M. Moxham);
T///w//g (M. Gorot); and (J/z/Z/c/ (F. L. Brown).

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