International studio — 15.1901/​1902(1902)

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Awards in “The Studio ” Prize Competitions

interest themselves in the achievements of the
Navy of their native isles. The volume is
admirably illustrated with forty-eight full-page
coloured plates, after drawings by Charles Dixon>
R.I., and a large number of monochrome drawings
in the text by C. J. Staniland, R.I.

From Mr. George Allen comes Wonders in
Monster Land (6s.), a highly diverting story some-
what on the lines of Alice in Wonderland, capitally
told by E. D. Cumming, and admirably illustrated
by that master-draughtsman of eccentric animal
life, Mr. J. A. Shepherd, whose contributions are
in his best style.

As usual, Messrs. Dean & Sons, Ltd., have issued
a varied assortment of bright and entertaining
books for children, at popular prices. Notable
amongst them are Soldiers of the Century, Sailors
of the Century, and The Great Powers of the World,
by R. Simkin, each containing a number of gaily-
coloured illustrations ; Advance, Australia, well
furnished with pen-and-ink drawings of typical
Australian scenes; Rulers of the Sea; Jingles, 'a
book of amusing verses with coloured illustrations,
by Ingles Rhode ; Bon Bon's A. B. C., illus-
trated in colours and pen and ink; The Practical
Painting Bock No. i, and The Practical Painting
Book No. 2, by A. L. Forrest, who has supplied
coloured drawings as well as outline sketches all
ready for the budding colourist to try his ’prentice
hand upon; The Express, with all kinds of illus-
trations interesting to the mechanically - minded
youngster ; The Bold Animal A. B. C., a fine
menagerie of beasts, from the common ass to the
giraffe and yak ; The Little Boy in Brown, with
stories and verses by J. O. Day and J. Fayle, and
illustrations by F. M. Barton and W. Borrow ; The
Top of the Morning, by May Boyle and Christine
Forrest, illustrated by E. Berkeley and A. G.
Clifford ; Jack's Return, by Constance M. Lowe
and Minnie Farlow, pictured by M. Waterson
and VV. H. Borrow; and. Nursery Tale L^and, by

M. Holiday and C. Forrest, with illustrations by

N. Westrup and A. S. Forrest. Perhaps the most
popular of all Messrs. Dean’s series will be The
Paint Box, Painting Book and Palette, which con-
tains, in addition to a large number of outline
drawings for colouring, a glazed cardboard palette
and a metal paint-box with paint-brushes and twelve
•different paints. This must certainly be considered
cheap for the low price of one shilling, and it
•deserves to be popular with the numerous embryo
artists to be found amongst the ranks of the

Mr. Nicholson’s character-study of the late Presi-
dent of the United States now belongs, unhappily,
to the drama of a tragic act in history. It may
lack some of that easy and decorative breadth
which we are accustomed to look for in Mr.
Nicholson’s original prints; but if the hands are
weak, or fidgety in treatment, the face has the
right significance, being full of that inner weight
of care which the ill-starred President felt always
under the burden of his high office.

Awards in “ the studio”


Class A. Decorative Art.

(A XIV.)

The designs sent in for this competition are very
satisfactory, and it is regretted that, owing to want
of space, not more than one complete set of six
designs can be illustrated. Several competitors are
represented by two illustrated d’oyleys.

The First Prize (Two Guineas) has been won
by Ferrugo (Amy Mary Rust, 27 Ivelross Road,
Highbury, London, N.).

The Second Prize {One Guinea) by Lsca (Ethel
Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James’s, Exeter).

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Ryna (Lydia Catherine Hammett); Easel (Louie
Mary Nunn); Honesty (Lillie Reed); Elberfeld
(A. Schoepp) ; Turtium (Emma L. Cowlman);
The Gollywog (Lotte Reid Whitehead); Gwendo
Hildaline (Gwendoline H. Rogers Rees); and John
(Edith Mary Tann).

Class C. Photographs from Nature.

(C XII.)

Owing to the great pressure upon our space, the
illustrations in this competition cannot be published
till next month.

The First Prize (One Guinea) has been awarded
to Nomad (Em. Frechon, Biskra, Algeria).

The Second Prize {Half a-Guinea) to Philoctetes
(J. Harold Liebreich, 3 Oak Mount, Bradford,

Honourable Mention is given to Excelsior (Arthur
Hewitt) ; Aquarius (Agnes B. Warburg); Strasse
(H. W. Burnup); Yorkist (Harry Wanless); and
Shanghai (Stephen Mautner).

(C XI.)

In this competition the mountain scene by Athos
was attributed inadvertently to Claverhouse, while
that by Claverhouse was given to Athos.

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