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A topographical dictionary of ancient Rome — Oxford: Univ. Press [u.a.], 1929

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sub novis solem non ferunt item ille quum aestuaret veterum ut Maeniano-
rum). This and other topographical indications show that the tabernae
novae wTere on the north side of the forum, in front of the earliest basilica
Aemilia (Liv. iii. 48. 5 : prope Cloacinae ad tabernas quibus nunc novis
est nomen ; xl. 51. 5 : basilicam post argentarias novas), and the veteres
on the south side between the vicus Tuscus and the temple of Saturn
(Liv. xliv. 16. 10 : pone veteres ad Vortumni signum). The latest
references which necessarily imply the separate existence of these tabernae
are in Livy (locc. citt.) and Verrius Flaccus (ap. Fest. 230), and they
could not have survived the building of the basilica Iulia and the restora-
tion of the basilica Aemilia by Augustus (cf. Quint, vi. 3. 38). Thereafter
the argentarii had offices in these basilicas, but ‘ sub novis ’ and ‘ sub veteri-
bus ’ continued in use as local designations of the north and south sides
of the forum, the older shops being placed on the shady side.
The tabernae septem quae postea quinque, burned in 210 and rebuilt
the next year (Liv. xxvi. 27 ; xxvii. 11 supra citt.) were not the tabernae
novae, and if we accept the emendation proposed for Festus 230 (see
above), Verrius cited the change from septem to quinque as analogous
to that from plebeiae to novae. On the other hand, their identification
with the veteres has often been claimed, but without convincing evidence.
It is more probable that they were different, and lay perhaps somewhat
to the east of the veteres. They are not the quinque tabernae of Juvenal
(i. 105), as has been asserted.
Over these tabernae were galleries from which the people witnessed
the games in the forum, called Maeniana from C. Maenius, who is said to
have built them first after his victory in the battle of Actium (Fest. 135 ;
Vitr. v. I. I ; Isid. Orig. xv. 3. II; Plin. NH xxxv. 113 ; Cic. Acad,
pr. ii. 70). For discussion of tabernae, see Becker, Top. 295-297 ; Jord,
i. 2. 380-381 ; RhM 1857, χϋ· 215-223 ; Gilb. iii. 203-206 ; RE ii. 706-707 ;
Suppl. iv. 463 ; DR 20 ; HFP 9, 10 ; and for other tabernae in the forum
and near by, Gilb. ib. 207, n. I.
Tabernae Argentariae : see Tabernae.
Tabernae Plebeiae : see Tabernae.
Tabernae Septem (Quinque) : see Tabernae.
Tabernae Decem : see Decem Tabernae.
Tabula Valeria :* a name used twice by Cicero (ad Fam. xiv. 2. 2 : nam
ad me P. Valerius, homo officiosus, scripsit, id quod ego maximo cum
fletu legi, quern ad modum a Vestae ad tabulam Valeriam ducta esses
(Terentia); in Vat. 21: cum eum (Bibulum) tu consulem in vincula duceres
et a tabula Valeria collegae tui mitti iuberent), where it indicates a
definite spot in the forum. Three explanations of this term have been
given :
(1) that it means the bank of Valerius, to which Terentia had
been forced by Clodius to go in order to make some declaration about
loading ...