Platner, Samuel Ball; Ashby, Thomas
A topographical dictionary of ancient Rome — Oxford: Univ. Press [u.a.], 1929

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Regia* (to βασιλέων, App. Cass. Dio ; τό βασιλέων οίκημα, Plut. ; 'PJyia,
Plut. Cass. Dio) : the house {regia domus) which Numa is said to have
built, and either lived in (Solin. i. 21 : Numa in colie primum Quirinali
deinde propter aedem Vestae in regia quae adhuc appellatur ; Ov. Trist.
iii. I. 30 ; Fast. vi. 263-264 ; Serv. ad Aen. viii. 363 : quis enim ignorat
regiam ubi Numa habitavit in radicibus Palati finibusque Romani fori
esse ? ; vii. 153 J Tac. Ann. xv. 41), or at least used as his headquarters
(Cass. Dio, frg. vi. 2 : οτι ο Ήουμας ωκει εν KoXorw τω Κυρζναλίω .. . τά 3ε 3η
αρχεία εν τη ΐερα οόω είχε καί τάξ τε όιατριβας πλησίον του 'Εστία/ου
εποιείτο και εστιν οτε και κατα χωράν εμενεν ·, Plut. Numa 14: ε3είματο
πλησίον του της Εστίας ίεροΰ την καλουμενην 'ΐηγίαν οϊόν τι βασιλέων
οίκημα · καί το πλείστον αυτόθι του χρόνου όιετριβεν). It is also said
to have been the house of the pontifex maximus (Serv. ad Aen. viii.
363 : domus enim in qua pontifex habitat regia dicitur, quod in ea
rex sacrificulus habitare consuesset, sicut flaminia domus in qua flamen
habitat, dicebatur (the italicised words are interpolated) ; cf. Jord,
i. 2. 299) ; and of the rex sacrorum (Serv. loc. cit. ; ii. 57 : flaminia
autem domus flaminis dicitur sicut regia regis domus ; Cass. Dio liv. 27,
where Augustus is said to have given the house of the rex to the
Vestals because it adjoined theirs ; Fest. 279 : regia domus ubi rex
habitat). This latter statement, however, is the result of confusion
between rex and rex sacrorum (Jord, cit.), for the domus regis sacrorum
or sacrificuli was on the Velia and had no connection with the regia
(Fest. 293 : ne eatenus quidem sacra (via) appellanda est a regia ad
domum regis sacrificuli sed etiam a regis domo ad sacellum Streniae).
On the other hand, the regia could not have been the dwelling-house of
the pontifex maximus, for in historical times it was a consecrated fanum
containing sacraria (Fest. 278 : (Regia) . . . quod in fanum a pon(tifice)
. . . tant quod in ea sa.(cra fiunt quaedam a rege stfZ)ita usurpari; cf. 329).
The actual house of the pontifex was probably the domus publica, in
the precinct of the Atrium Vestae (Suet. Caes. 46 ; Cass. Dio liv. 24;
RE i. A. 466), until Augustus transferred this residence to the Palatine
(Van Deman, The Atrium Vestae 11, 12, 13).
During the republic, therefore, the regia was the official headquarters
of the pontifex maximus, and its position, directly north-west of the
aedes Vestae, is made certain by the existing ruins (cf. Hor. Carm. i. 2. 15 :
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