Platner, Samuel Ball; Ashby, Thomas
A topographical dictionary of ancient Rome — Oxford: Univ. Press [u.a.], 1929

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Zater( . . . nses)1 : the fragmentary reading on one portion (CILvi. 31901)
of the edict of Tarracius Bassus, praefectus urbi in the latter part of the
fourth century, which probably is the name of those inhabiting a street
in Rome. There is no indication of its location (BC 1891, 349).
1 So Hiilsen, Nomenclator ; but BC cit. gives zatem, and CIL cit. zatei. Hiilsen now
suggests as a possibility that there may be some connection with the municipium of Zattara
in Numidia proconsularis (CIL viii. p. 511).

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