Studio: international art — 42.1908

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Victor Rousseau, Sculptor

■■■MBBB^HBHBBnj', ;. . „ production of this, sort, but

has always striven to pre-
sent the plastic expression
of some lofty idea. He,
declines to give but the
: empty form, the simple
morceau bien venu ; each of
his works must grip the

t attention, and charm not

HI I alone by its beauty of.

«'>7-*\, execution, but also by its,

HBV ^^B^Bj^ well-thought-out composi-

, ^^^m tion provoking meditation.

Nevertheless, as it has been

«^MjBjMHi|k^J^Blfe.-, .JKffS^Bs, well said, each morceau

■ ■■'■■•I from the hands of Victor

Rousseau displays an at-.

.....C ' tempt to achieve an invari-

•mJkKmK|BWHBTMiBB able perfection ; the. artist

is no less a producer of

^^^BmmimKm^^^^^BBI^^^^X^^^BlUBK^BK^^SMmltW^ fine work (what we term

" the rickyard " (See previous article) by ambrose mcevoy bd ouvner\ than a sculptor'

of inventiveness and pro-
found thought. The fear

Again, in 1904, in an article on Rousseau con- of spoiling the ensemble effect, the mystery, the
tributed to the magazine " L'Art Flamand et savour of a work by carrying his details to its
Hollandais," M. Paul Lambotte writes: "In extreme limits is a thing unknown to him. He
Belgium a wrong comprehension of Flemish tradi- possesses the capacity to remain broad and great
tions, an absurd misapprehension of the tempera- without fignolage, while modelling with impeccable
ment of the race, have led
many artists astray. Mar-
vellous but uncultivated
technicians, incapable of
deep thought, they know
not what to do with their
talent; and relieve the
necessity to produce by
which they are tormented
in the realisation of pleas-
ing, aimless works, such as
fine animal forms (should
they be sculptors), or, in
the case of painters, in
pictures of sumptuous
colouring like a rich piece
of still life. All this is
nought but a sterile side of
art, and our artists have
proved it abundantly in the

The precise characteristic
of the art of Victor Rous-
seau is that he has never
been content with easy "the gold shawl" (See trevious article) by Ambrose mcevoy
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