Studio: international art — 42.1908

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Isobelle Dods-JVithers

Dutch potters have practised it to a limited extent, The Martins have an excellent plan of incising

but no work has been produced in the West of this in the foot or back of each piece their name and

character to compare in excellence with that of the the date of its production. One may thus trace

Yatsushiro potters. Figs. 11 to 16 are types of the special successes of each year, and all spurious

this class made by the Martin Brothers, and they imitations may be readily detected. By the avoid-

have the merit of being quite original in conception. ance of imitation and repetition, and by the faculty

The other examples here illustrated are selected to of invention and knowledge of the possibilities of

show a few more of the many varieties of form and his craft, there is no reason why the potter should

treatment, and help to display the makers' power of not in the future, as he has done upon rare

invention and diversity of treatment. occasions in the past, rise to the greatest distinction

One is apt, without careful examination, to fail as an artist, and we cannot but feel that the

to give full credit to the potter for the laborious Martin Brothers are on the right road to such

and skilful manipulation necessary to the successful an eminence.

production of Mishima decoration. The Martin Our thanks are due to the Artificers' Guild,

Brothers have been singularly happy in their Maddox Street, London, for their permission to

efforts in this direction, and their departure in illustrate the examples reproduced in Figs, r, 2, 16,

style from all previous examples is most com- 24 and 26 from their varied collection,
mendable. This inlaid work is open to numerous

variations and developments, and there will be no rX^HE PAINTINGS AND PASTELS
necessity for them in future years to repeat their I Qp ISOBELLE DODS-WITHERS
earlier successes. And of this there need be no I

fear, if they continue to work upon the admirable Artists in this decade have lived in fear

lines they have hitherto followed. of the word picturesque—but there is a new

"thb castle of cceur de lion"

by isobelle a. dods-withers

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