Studio: international art — 42.1908

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The Society of Twenty-Five Painters

woodland landscape by david muirhead

the society is the excel-
lence of its organisation
and the unanimity of
intention on the part of
its members. To the per-
fection of the society's
arrangements some of the
pleasure which the pic-
tures here excite is un-
doubtedly due, for a
well-hung exhibition, with
an orderly arrangement of
the various members' con-
tributions, does help the
visitor to concentrate en-
tirely upon the pictures
and to address himself
simply to the task of
studying the same.

readers of this magazine, but
there must still be people for
whom the combination of
forces made by a particular
group of artists has at first
little significance. To those
who are well-informed on
the subject of current art it
is hardly necessary to do
more than mention the names
of the members who consti-
tute the society to show what
tendencies are uppermost.
In addition to those whose
work is here reproduced and
Mrs. Dods-Withers, to whom
we devote an article in this
number, the society is com-
posed of Messrs. Melton
Fisher, Bertram Priestman,
Grosvenor Thomas, Terrick
Williams, R. Anning Bell,
Oliver Hall, Dudley Hardy,
J. L. Henry, E. A. Hornel,
Gerald Moira, Cecil Rea,
W. W. Russell, Montagu
Smyth, and Miss Constance
Halford, several of whom
have already been the sub-
ject of separate and recent
notice in these pages.

The exhibition has been
admirably hung at the Goupil
Gallery; indeed, a feature of "la fontaine de neptune, Carcassonne" by Alfred withers

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