Studio: international art — 42.1908

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landscape painter and co-
lorist of the highest order ;
and during this brief visit
to his native land he clearly
demonstrated by this ex-
hibition the fact that his
hand had lost nothing of
its cunning. The large
Windsor Castle and the
various street scenes, in-
cluding a fine Trafalgar
Square, all showed the in-
fluence of English environ-
ment and ideals ; while his
Mount Macedon and Coogee
recalled his earlier Austra-
lian period. The other show
" mouth of the erskine river " by john mather was that held by the drawing

(Victorian Artists' Exhibition) instructor at the National

Gallery, Mr. McCubbin,

technical qualities ; Mr. Tom Carter's portrait ot a prior to his departure on a visit to Europe. Mr.
lady—refined, dainty and charming in colour; and McCubbin's work has always been noted for its
Miss V. Teague's small portrait of Miss Elles call sterling qualities, good construction and fine tech-
for especial mention. Among the landscapists, nique. The principal work, Lost, showing a boy
Mr. A. McClintock showed exceptional ability, his who has become hopelessly "bushed," was splen-
work being one of the features of the exhibition, didly painted ; and the portraits included those
Mr. Ene's Middle Harbour and Mr. Reynold's Law of Senhor Loureiro and Mr. Panton, P.M., two
Courts, with Mr. Mather's fine studies in Fitzroy canvases of exceptional merit.
Gardens, were also noticeable contributions. In -

the vestibule, devoted to black-and-white and The decision of the trustees ot the Felton
water-colours, could be seen some fine work by Bequest Fund to purchase the famous Bent
Mr. W. N. Anderson and some etchings by Mr. Tree, by Corot (from the Alexander Young
Victor Cobb and others. In the South Gallery Mr. Collection, and lately illustrated in The Studio),
Ford Patterson's White Road served as a reminder is a matter for congratulation among those who
of the Croydon Coterie.
Mr. Hal Waugh, Mr. Wilkie
and others were also pro-
minent exhibitors in this
gallery. Mr. Waugh'shorses
and Mr. Delafield Cook's
landscape work showed an
advance on previous years.

Two noteworthy " one-
man " exhibitions were held
before that of the Victorian
artists. The first was that
by Mr. Arthur Streeton,
with a collection of works
in oil and water-colour.
Prior to his departure for
Europe fifteen years ago,
he had established a repu-
tation for fine work as a "over the hills" (Victorian Artists' Exhibition) by a. mcclintock
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