Studio: international art — 88.1924

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key drawing by
maxwell armfield

CRAFTS AND DESIGN. BY MAX- chisel,needle,etc. The curves thatarefreely

WFT T at^JI iJtsnjiN' ^ drawn with pen or cut with a knife in

WELL ARMFIELD. 0 * " ™ for are impossible in the

TN any form of aoolied art it is the special restricted and formal method known as

1 function rf^St^uL a design "petit point," which is allowed, on he

which is suitabletcthe purpose for which other hand, a latitude and freedom in the

it is intendeS^o^SL in which direction of

it is to be carried out. Any design will be out of place in » ^m^e^

require some modification to suit it to a change suffered by the bads othe_key

particular medium and the present ex- drawing when translated into wood-cary

amples are given to indicate the nature of ing would have been W***^*^

the changes thus necessitated. By studying in bronze or iron It will be seen, too, that

the illustrations it is easy to see, and the limitations of the medium may compel

appreciate, the changing shapes of cloud, a readjustment of the relative sizes of the

drapery and vegetation chosen for pen, objects, owing to the unsuitably of the
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