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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 3): The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace — London, 1930

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68. ' North-West Insula ' North of Central Court, with Ramp

Passage from N.W. Portico and Lustral Area: Basement
Chambers above Early Keep.......i

' North-West Insula'—its artistic revelations; Functional importance—supplements
that of Western borders of Central Court; Area West of Central Court chief Cult
Centre—retrospective view ; ' Stepped Porch ', built over earlier Cists ; Block North
of Porch, of L. M. II date: Includes 'Room of the Throne'; N.E. Corner of old
facade and of Early Western ' Insula '; North-Western ' Insula' formed by ' Early
Keep'; Elements of fortification in Early Palace; Ramp passage round Keep from
N.W. Entrance; 'Initiatory Area' and Votaries' entrance; 'North-West Lustral
Basin' of M. M. Ill a date; Restored plan and elevation of 'Lustral Basin'and
Superstructures; Isolation of Sunken Area from other buildings ; Minoan bronze
'key' found in doorway of later passage; ' North-West Entrance ' partially blocked;
Basement Chambers above ' Early Keep '; Plinth bordering Court, and steps down;
M. M. II a paved floor over Walled Pits, belonging to large basement Chamber;
Later dividing wall—M. M. 11^; Gypsum steps re-used for pavement; Central
Pillar of Western Basement in M. M. III; Exceptional evidences of stratification in
' Room of Knobbed Pithos'; Large black steatite vessel with spiral reliefs ; ' Saffron-
Gatherer ' Fresco ; Later floors with stone lamps and tablets of Class B ; L. M. Ill a
floors above these; Basements bordering Central Court; Rearrangement of sup-
porting pier; Further evidence supplied by ' Room of Knobbed Pithos '; M. M. Ill a
pottery below later pavement (M. M. Ill b); Extension of M. M. Ill b floor, its con-
tinuous use in restored Palace; ' Miniature Frescoes' and Spiral Ceiling fallen on
this level; Stone lamps, and basins for ritual sprinkling.

69. Discovery of 'Spiral Ceiling' and 'Miniature Frescoes'

derived from Corner Sanctuary—Date and Comparative
Materials; Embroidered Designs on Holy Robe . . 29

Small corner Sanctuary containing remains of ' Spiral Ceiling' and Miniature
Frescoes; These fallen from Upper Chamber; The ' Spiral Ceiling'—Egyptian
analogies ; Parallel from Tomb of Senmut; Mature L. M. I decorative style; The
' Miniature Frescoes'—triple group; Chronological materials; Fragments found on
M. M. Ill floor—law governing discoveries of fresco remains; M.M. Ill date of
frescoes ascertained ; Fragments from Thirteenth Magazine ; Characteristic specimen
beneath base-blocks of later facade; Fragment from ' Ivory Deposit'; True ' Minia-
ture' style obsolete by L. M. I; M.M. Ill date of 'Miniature' fragments from
Tylissos; Boxers as on ' rhyton'—unique bronze vessel; Frescoes from ' Ramp
House' at Mycenae; Fragments from 'Threshing-floor heap'; Miniature designs
from embroideries on female robe; Embossed bands ; Comparison with painted
reliefs from Pseira; Pairs of flutes; Flutes in sacrificial scene on H. Triada sarco-
phagus ; Bull's head trophy between pair of Sphinxes; Embroidered swallows on
robe of Melian fresco; ' Miniature' fragments of Threshing-floor heap, perhaps
from robe of Goddess; Commanding position of Shrine, at angle of Central Court
and N. Entrance; Its small dimensions; Miniature Frescoes set over gypsum
dadoes, on line of vision.