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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 3): The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace — London, 1930

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§ 75- Upper Porticoes of N. Entrance Passage and their Painted
Reliefs of Bull-hunting Scenes: compared with those of Vapheio Cups.

' Miniature Frescoes' contrasted with neighbouring deposit of painted
stucco remains belonging to North Entrance Passage; Successive stages of
this ; Good ashlar masonry of Middle phase; Fine works of reconstruction
in M. M. Ill a ; Proposed reconslitulion of N. Entrance Passage ; Approach
to Sea Gate from W. and N.; Traces of inner Gateway; Safeguarding
measures due to considerations of police; Lower Pillar-Hall and light-area ;
Presttmed Upper Columnar Hall and Corridor linking it with Central Court;
Portico overlooking W. side of Entrance Passage; Loggia with three struc-
tural divisions; Painted reliefs of bull-grappling scenes ; Olive-trees in back-
ground ; Scene laid in Country; Stratum containing painted fragments ;
Remains of rock-work foreground; Bovine reliefs; Head of gigantic bull-
its noble aspect; Foot and hoof of bull; Part of woman's leg—ankle ring;
Part of a female thigh ; Parallels from Vapheio Cups ; Recurrence of triple
division ; Did the Palace friezes supply models elsewhere ? Fragmentary reliefs
in Elgin Collection ; Indications of parcdlel frieze in E. Gallery ; Bull's leg
found in connexion with it; The Vapheio reliefs; Cup A ; Girl grappling
bull; The neck-twisting feat; Cup B—Capture through decoy Cow ; Evidences
of Artistic cycle—on vases and gems ; Limitations of intaglio technique ; Bull
on seal-impressions nosing trail—as in Cup B; Lassoing scene on gem;
M.M. Ill date of painted reliefs from N. Entrance Passage; Relatively
late dale of stratum with bull" reliefs; Part of reliefs seen in position by
Greeks; Olivedree reliefs at two extremities; Parallel stirvival of N. W.
Perlico ; Influence of remains on imagination of Hellenic settlers.

' Minia- The ' Miniature Frescoes' described in the last Sections had adorned the

Frescoes' walls of a small sanctuary chamber and the scale was proportioned to the

tra"t d narrow space that had contained them. They thus present a striking

with contrast to the painted stucco remains found in the adjoining area that

bourin» formed part of the chief public avenue of approach to the Central Court.
depositof -r/]le little chamber from which these remains were derived had stood,


stucco as we have seen, at the angle corresponding with the structure of the Early
Keep as it here bordered the Northern Entrance Passage, together with
a brief section of the North border of the Central Court.

Below this ano-le the Entrance Passage, as shown in the first Volume