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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 3): The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace — London, 1930

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§ 68. 'North-West Insula' North of Central Court, with Ramp
Passage from N.W. Portico and Lustral Area: Basement Chambers
above Early Keep.

' North- West Insula '-*—its artistic revelations ; Functional importance—
supplements that of Western borders of Central Court; Area West of Central
Court chief Cult Centre—retrospective view; 'Stepped Porch', built over
earlier Cists ; Block North of Porch, of L. M. II date : Includes ' Room of the
Throne'; N.E. Corner of old facade and of Early Western' Insula' ; North-
Western ' Insula 'formed by ' Early Keep' ; Elements of fortification in Early
Palace; Ramp passage round Keep from N.W. Entrance; ' Initiatory Area'
and Votaries' entrance; ' North-West Lustral Basin' of M.M. Ill a. date;
Restored plan and elevation of' Lustral Basin' and Superstructures ; Isolation
of Sunken Area from other buildings ; Minoan bronze ' key' found in door-
way of later passage; 'North-West Entrance' partially blocked; Basement
Chambers above ' Early Keep'; Plinth bordering Court, and steps down;
M. M. II a. paved floor over Walled Pits, belonging to large basement Chamber ;
Later dividing wall—M. M. II b / Gypsum steps re-used for pavement; Central
Pillar of Western Basement in M. M. II b ; Exceptional evidences of strati-
fication in ' Room of Knobbed Pithos' ; Large black steatite vessel with spiral
reliefs; 'Saffron-Gatherer' Fresco; Laterfloors ivith stone lamps and tablets
of Class B; L. M. Ill a floors above these; Basements bordering Central
Court; Rearrangement of supporting pier; Further evidence supplied by
' Room of Knobbed Pithos'; M. M. Ill a pottery below later pavement
(M, M. Illb) ; Extension of M. M. Illb floor, its continuous use in restored
Palace; ' Miniature Frescoes' and Spiral Ceiling fallen on this level; Stone
lamps, and basins for ritiial sprinkling.

The Palace region to which we are now led, to the North of the Central The
Court, may be fittingly described as the ' North-West Insula'. Its Eastern ins'uia\
and Western boundaries are indeed well defined, on the one side by the
' North Entrance Passage', on the other by a ramp passage winding up from
the North-West Portico round the massive outer walling of the ' Early Keep ',
which forms the nucleus of the ' insula' (see Plan, Fig. 1 b, facing p. 7). As
regards its upper structures this region had suffered much dilapidation, but it
proved to be of the first importance in the revelations that it has afforded of
certain classes of artistic work.

Here was brought to light the 'Saffron-Gatherer' fresco, the earliest
figured painting of which any record has been left at Knossos. Here, too,