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Evans, Arthur J.
The Palace of Minos: a comparative account of the successive stages of the early Cretan civilization as illustred by the discoveries at Knossos (Band 3): The great transitional age in the northern and eastern sections of the Palace — London, 1930

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§ 72- The Miniature Frescoes: 3. Fragments or Siege Scenes and
Analogies supplied by the Megaron Frieze and Silvek. ' Rhyton ' or
Mycenae : Egyptian Parallels.

Miniature Frescoes depicting Siege Scenes ; Antiquity of theme in Egypt
and Crete; Warriors hurling javelins on Knossiau fragment; Youthful
Spearman ; Fragment of building, probably belonging to same subject; ' Sacral
horns '■—not confined to Shrines ; Female figures visible in opening beneath
entablature; Correspondence of structure with faience House fronts ; The
Megaron Frieze at Mycenae—scenes of assault; Warrior precipitated in front
of wall—prototype of Kapaneus ; A nalogies from Egyptian siege scenes ; House
fagade on crystal tablet—obliterated by vuorkman ; Section of outer wall on
Tylissos fresco; The Silver ' rhyton ' with Siege Scene from Mycenae Shaft
Grave ; graphic character of design ; Historic import; Restoration of' rhyton'
in conical form ; Continuous design—land, sea, and conventional reticulation
for shallows; The besieged City-—its gate and towers—Minoan character ;
Separate fragment with ' superposed pillars' and' Sacral horns'; Non-Minoan
element, however, among inhabitants; Shields of Minoan type; Shock-haired
natives within the walls; Friendly native allies, some arriving by sea; Ship-
wreck and sea monster ; Hostile barbarians with primitive weapons—stones,
throwing-sticks, and clubs ; Native ' friendlics' better armed; Minoan element
among defenders—warriors in boat; The relief a historic record; Topo-
graphical data ; Presumptions in favour of Anatolian Coast; Slings typical
Asianic weapons; Clubs also traditional; Archers paralleled by Knossian
small relief; Pictorial style, akin to that of Miniature Frescoes; Antici-
pations of Scenes on Shields of Achilles and Herakles; Besieged stronghold
traditional in Egypt—example from Fifth Dynasty Tomb of Anta—its
dramatic character ; Middle Empire examples ; Sensational versions of New
Empire; Was there a Minoan reaction on Egypt? Cretan Miniature Art
supplies link between Early Egypt and Epic tradition.

Among the ' Miniature Frescoes ' derived from the little Corner 'Minia-
Sanctuary described above, certainly the most important in their historic Frescoes'
relation is a small group of a warlike character, implying, it would seem, an s^tmg
attack on some fenced city. scenes.

We have not here the same elements for reconstructing a connected
design as in the case of the former subjects illustrative of festal and cere-