International studio — 30.1906/​1907(1907)

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Shinn possesses a great contempt for everything
academic, and does not believe in art schools. He
studied at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts
for five years, but would never take a criticism
from an instructor. This disregard for precedent
and academic law has resulted in a decided fresh-
ness of vision. A. E. Gallatin.

silver and Sheffield plate.
In his preface, Mr. Caldi-
cott anticipates the hostile
criticism he is likely to
meet with for disclosing
what some may possibly
consider trade secrets, by
declaring that his revela-
tions will only assist the
honest dealer’s trade, since
increased knowledge on the
part of the collector must
in the end conduce to in-
creased business, and at
the same time act as a
check on those who by
unfair methods tend to dis-
credit a reputable calling.
He then carefully instructs
his readers how to recog-
nise fraudulent and tam-
pered pieces, how to apply
tests, how to describe the
pieces of plate they own, how to protect goods
being sold by auction, etc.; and the groundwork
of their education in the right appreciation of his
fascinating subject having been thus prepared, he
proceeds to give exhaustive chronological lists and
reproductions of the marks of all the British assay
offices, explaining that most of the chief towns, as

Trie Values of Old Eng-
lish Silver and Sheffield
Plate. By J. W. Caldi-
cott. (London: Bemrose.)
2s. net.—Compiled by
a thorough expert, who has
studied his subject for more
than twenty years, is ac-
quainted with all the prin-
cipal dealers of England
and has attended more
than three thousand sales,
this most trustworthy pub-
lication, the first practical
guide written to meet the
needs both of buyer and
seller, will no doubt be
gladly welcomed alike by
hereditary owners and col-
lectors of old English
loading ...