International studio — 30.1906/​1907(1907)

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The Alexander Young Collection—II. The Daubignys

“the sea bathers” by C. F. DAUBIGNY-

ground feels a little empty, and for that reason we
found the other version (page 113) more interest-
ing. Here, though the sky shows the same subtle
treatment, the colouring of the seashore is stronger.
More impressionistic, but belonging to the same
phase, is The Sea Bathers (above), a subject which
would have appealed to Whistler. The colour
scheme is restful and harmonious and shows
dignified restraint. That Daubigny should have
painted both this little seapiece, with its soft tones,
and the strong and virile View of Andressy, is but

another evidence of his versatility. The latter
work, small in size but large in feeling, possesses
some of the heroic qualities of a Rousseau.
It is impossible even to mention in this article all
the numerous Daubignys in the Collection, but a
careful examination would show that here is a
series of pictures which reveal every phase of the
master’s art, as it were a complete resume of his
artistic output, forming to the expert and student
one of the most interesting features of the Collection..
E. G. Halton.
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