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Lyons, Henry G.
A report on the island and temples of Philae — London, 1896

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Two small blocks were built in cement into the bases of the north and south walls respectively, where such treatment was necessary, in ordei that
the upper courses might safely be replaced upon them.

The short inclined way down to the main entrance door of the forecourt is remarkable as being an unusual construction.


Letter I.

Number 9

Level Number 18.

This gateway stands on a part of the Temenos wall (W) on the western side of the Temple of Isis (M), and was connected to the temple by two
parallel walls, which were added at a later time, as is shown by the vertical joints dividing them from the gateway. How these walls joined on to the temple
is not now quite clear, but the southern wall seems to have turned southwards to the foundation blocks, which still can be seen on the west side of the
second pylon. The northern wall, however, cannot be traced further than it now exists, though the pavement between them ends in a sloping way, showing
that the passage continued rising to join a pavement at a slightly higher level, and possibly it led through a doorway in the outer wall which ran parallel with
the temple wall up to the inner pylon, and the foundations of which were uncovered in the foundation hole on the west side of the Hall of Columns
(Part Y., Plan VII., hg. 10). On the south side of the walls numerous blocks were lying half buried in the ground, and these were taken and
replaced on the southern wall, to which they belonged as far as possible. (Photograph "So. 16).

A few which were not replaced were numbered and left on the north side of the gateway (Appendix " D ").

What there was originally in front of the gate is still uncertain, and the loose blocks which lie there in confusion require removing and sorting,
on the chance that they may afford a clue.


Letter K-

Number to,

Level Number I.

The building was very little touched, being already clear of rubbish excepting the South side, where the clearing of the village street has
exposed this side of the temple down to the pavement. The steps of the western gateway were found to have been removed, probably for building
material, The bench mark from which levels were run is on the fourth course of the north side of the east gateway; its height is 107'276 11.L.
(Photographs Nos. 17. 18, 19).