Studio: international art — 18.1900

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

Gallery together with some useful general remarks Design for a Set of Fire-irons.

concerning the British School of Painting. The (A XL.)

catalogue of pictures is arranged according to the The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to

numbers affixed to the frames, and a biographical Lozenge (Charles Jones, 2 Carlyle Road, Lozells,

notice of each painter is included in addition to Birmingham).

concise notes describing the sentiment of the The Second Prize (One guinea) to Craft (F.

various paintings and sculptures. In order to White, 19 Amott Road, East Dulwich, S.E.).

assist visitors to the Gallery to find the works of Honourable mention is given to the following :—

some particular painter, an index list of all the Curlew (Lennox G. Bird, Royal Marine Barracks,

artists is given with the titles of their works, while Chatham); First Attempt (Alexander Forrest, Mosset

a second appendix provides a numerical index list Place, Forres, N.B.); Un Anglais (Allan M. Young,

of all the paintings, sculptures, and drawings in the I35 Kennington Road, S.E.); the above are illus-

Gallery. The labour and research entailed in the traied; Horty (F. C. Davies); Grenab (Frank

making of such a book as this must have been Lansdown); Euelpis (J. Bernard Morrall); Mabs

enormous, and the compiler may be unreservedly (Q Jaqucs Housez); Tramp (David Veazey); and

congratulated upon the production of a volume Yhoirdis (Eva Bundy).

which should prove equally valuable as a guide- Design for a Book-cover

book and as a work of reference. XXXVIII)

Glass-blowing and Working, for Amateurs, Ex- , . . . , ,

' In this competition the name ol the competitor,

perimentahsts, and Technicians. By Thomas Bolas, „. ,„ ... „, .... , „ tt „..

„ „ T _ . „ , , TTT- ' Tip (Cordelia Phillimore, c/o Gen. Hunt, Sid

FCS., LLC. (London: Dawbarn and Ward.)— .,, „., ,\ , , • •,, . 1 •

_, . . . . , . , ' , Abbey, Sidmouth), whose design was illustrated in

1ms is a most interesting and practical manual . ' ... . ,

- , . , .. . ; . . , the August number, was inadvertently omitted,
upon a cratt which oners no little fascination to the

amateur, for glass-blowing is well within his domain, Siiakesperian Illustration.

as Mr. Bolas shows; and if the designs he offers (B XXXIX.)

are not always impeccable as design, they point the The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to Jill

way to good things. A glass pen, described on (Ethel Sowels, The Rookery, Thetford, Norfolk),

p. 185, promises to be useful, and we shall be glad (Continuedpage 72.)
to find it placed upon the market. The
description of its merits contained in
this volume will doubtless cause it to be
manufactured for sale, and it should
prove popular.




Design in Colours nshnvr

for a Calendar. wth M'An-



The First Prize (Five guineas) is narSns:

awarded to Curlew (Lennox G. Bird, STtEU'
Royal Marine Barracks, Chatham).

The Second Prize (Three guineas)

to Bel (Isobel B. Williamson, 18 Iven- ■CulLLG'W:
hoe Road, Liverpool).

Honourable mention is given to the
following: Corydon (Walter P. Web-
ster) ; Tiempo (Jean Mitchell) ; and

Tagus (George Quested). hon. mention (comp. a xl.
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