Studio: international art — 21.1901

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Domestic Entrance Halls

required, they should be
divided into groups, with
intermediate landings. Ten
or twelve steps together are
enough, and in a narrow
staircase that number would
be too many. As the effect
of superficial area is of
greater value than the effect
of height in a hall, and as
it is clear that high rooms
govern the height of the
hall, let it be remembered
that, to make rooms healthy,
you need circulation of air,
not space for foul air to
collect in. An eight-foot
room may be better ven-
tilated and more comfort-
able to live in than a room
twelve or fifteen feet high plan of " new place," haslemere c. f. a. voysey, architect

and is certainly more easy

to light and to warm. It is the modern craze for led to the destruction of all effects of repose,
high rooms (originating in foreign travel) which has Doors, windows, and even furniture appear as if

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