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THE WORK OF DIDIER-POUGET, its chief local journal, the boy early showed the bent
LANDSCAPE PAINTER. BY of his artistic nature. Marvellous to relate, he
WYNFORD DEWHURST. was from the first warmly encouraged by his father,

who, himself a great lover of nature, was accustomed
Amongst the younger of the men who are to take long country walks with his son, pointing
to-day working out the problems of impres- out to him natural beauties and discussing the art
sionism in art, ever enlarging its scope and of their pictorial representation, relating bio-
adding the results of their own observation and graphical details of the great artists, past and
personality, is Monsieur Didier-Pouget. His present, and in every possible way training the boy
name at least will be familiar to many readers and firing his ambition.

through the full-page illustration given in these Later on, after a good plain schooling, pro-
pages (Vol. VIII., p. ro5) of his magnificently fessors were engaged, notably MM. Auguin and
impressive landscape La lande aux bruyeres, Baudet, the latter a local artist of genius who is
a. consummate success and one of the finest still regarded with great admiration by his former
ornaments of the Champs Elysees Salon, pupil, and who, had he forsaken the humdrum,
1896. obscure life of a provincial town for the blaze of

Born at Toulouse in 1S64, son of the editor of publicity of the capital, might have attained the

highest honours by his
art. Next a course of
tutelage under the cele-
brated etcher and illus-
trator of, amongst numer-
ous others, that charming
book " Hollande a la vol
d'Oiseau." Under these
ideal influences many use-
ful and productive years
passed,—the seedtime of a
career subsequently so

Locally the youth was
regarded as a prodigy of
talent, and the greatest
things were expected of
him. Pictures were ex-
hibited in the provinces
which attracted much
favourable criticism and
many purchasers. Thus
encouraged, the parents
thought it time to seek for
him a wider audience, a
more critical public, and
he therefore went to Paris.
It was a wise step, for Dame
Fortune smiled upon him
from the first, and suc-
cess and honours came
quickly. Year by year,
from 1886 onwards, he
has exhibited important
pictures on the Salon
walls, each year showing
"lbs bruyeres : effet du matin " by didier-pouget marked advance in his

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