International studio — 22.1904

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Tl'ILLED with information, suggestions, and helpful hints con-
JT cerning the planning, building, decorating, and furnishing of
the country house; the comfort and harmony of the home,
the laying-out, planting, and care of the grounds; the simplest
and most satisfactory methods of managing the household.
Among the special topics treated are: Indoor Summer Furnishings. Bedrooms in
Country Houses. Inexpensive Glass and China. Rattan Novelties. Screens and
Portieres. Table Furnishings. Water tor the Country House. Simple Color
Schemes. Porch Furniture—including Chairs, Tea Tables, Pillows, Pottery, Lan-
terns, and so forth.'
A Modern Farm House:—The Beautiful Georgian Home of a Gentle-
man Farmer. Small Homes and Their Decorations. Successful Houses.
Indian Pottery. Oriental Rugs. Old Embroideries. Arts and Crafts
Department. Lighting an Old House. New England China. Lotus "Beds"
Near Chicago. The Care of Carpets and Rugs.
There is no other magazine in the country which gives the
latest ideas on decoration and furnishings, and it may be said
without boasting, there is no magazine with a severer standard.
THE HousE BEAUTIFUL is a monthly protest against the silly, un-
beautiful decorations which are painfully common, and an inspira-
tion toward simplicity, fitness, harmony, comfort, and charm in
our homes.
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The April number is practically a double number with no
increase in price.
HERBER-T S. STONE, Publisher

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