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HE VALE PRESS has now completed the series of its publica-
tions, and will issue, shortly, a " Bibliography " of the volumes
printed in the Vale types. The following are some titles of which
a lew copies may still be had, though the value of them is steadily
appreciating ; and opportunities of purchase are rare.

Marriage &f Cupid and Psyche
ByWm. Adlington. $iy-5onet
De Cupidinus et Psyches Amor-
ByApuleius. $io.oonet
Poetical Sketches
By William Blake. $25.00 net
Religio Medici, Urn Burial, etc.
By Sir Thomas Browne. $12.00 net
The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
2vols. Translated by Symonds. $50.00 net
The Nimphidia and the Muses
ByMichaelDrayton. $i5.oonet
Fair Rosamund: A Play
ByMichaelField. $10.00 net
The Race of Leaves: A Play
ByMichaelField. $io.conet
Julia Domna: A Play
ByMichaelField. $7.5onet
The King's Quair
By James 1. of Scotland. $8.00 net
Doctor Faustus
By Kit Marlowe. $8.oonet

Early Poems of John Milton
$27.50 net
Parables from the Gospels

With Woodcuts. $10.00 net
Choix de Sonnets de P. Deron-
sard $io.oonet
Abrege de L'Art Poetique
Frangais $6.00 net
Hand and Soul
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti. $25.00 net
The Blessed Damozel
By Dante Gabriel Rossetti. $25.00 net

Lyrical Poems of Shelley
$25.00 net
In Memoriam and Lyrical
By Alfred Tennyson. 2vols. $30.00 net
Les Petits Vieux
By Emile Verhaeven. $10.00 net
By William Wordsworth. Edited by
T. Sturge Moore. $12.00 net

The Vale Press Edition of Shakespeare's Piays is compiete in jy volumes,
printed on thick hand-made paper in Vaie Type, bound in green and Goid.
Price %8.oo net per volume. Sets are not to be broken. Uniform with the
plays are published, separately, Shakespeare's Poems, and Shakespeare's
Sonnets. $8.00 net each. A few of the complete sets can be purchased at
the total price of $296.00.

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