International studio — 22.1904

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touch of pastel. Sometimes he will work on a
background of plaster, as in the picture called 7%;
A%%/ ILa/r^, in which the significance and colour
of the bare wall is subtly rendered. The pictures
that illustrate this article give an adequate repre-
sentation of his present manner—the manner, I
believe, that expresses his true self. Those who
wish to make further acquaintance with his achieve-
ment should visit Mr. Baillie's gallery in Princes
Terrace, Bayswater, where a large number of
examples of his pictures and drawings are being
His art training was arduous and varied. He
does not look back with any great pleasure to the
time he spent in the antique rooms of the St. John's
Wood schools, or that part of his student days
when he drew from casts at the Royal Academy
Schools. But there was joy in the three years
which dawned when he bought a small sailing-boat,
to spend most of the time afloat, observing much
and painting little. To this period belong
<?M/aw7 T?z7%7?7 and 7?z-z//w^. Between that time
and his departure for Paris, where he worked
under Bouguereau and Ferrier, he painted 7%<?

Arzy, a curious and beautiful picture showing a
shepherd and goats gliding down a river in a boat,
with tall water-lilies at regular intervals in the
foreground, the tops of the flowers reaching the
high horizon-line of the picture. Examples of
another of his manners are the minutely and
lovingly wrought Aazz/^/zz/ Cay//? and A/a
Here, then, is a painter who subscribes, per-
sistently, persuasively, and patiently to the creed
that art is, and must always be, closely allied to
ethics. It is a thorny subject, and not till the
last man has painted the last picture will the last
word be said upon it. Each side has its champions,
with favours of a thousand different shades in their
bonnets. There is no doubt about Michael Angelo's
opinion on this question. One day, at the Church
of San Silvester in Rome, he said, " It is not suffi-
cient merely to be a great master in painting and
very wise, but I think it is necessary for the painter
to be very good in his mode of life, or even, if such
were possible, a saint, so that the Holy Spirit may
inspire his intellect." C. LEWIS HiND.
It is proposed to inaugu-
rate a summer exhibition in
Llandudno, to consist of
modern furniture, objects
of art, water-colours, oil-
paintings, and engravings,
and also examples of similar
old work. By this means
it is hoped that two objects
will be achieved. The first,
and most important, is that
the comparisons to be made
in such an exhibition will be
of high educational value;
and, secondly, that it will
successfully pave the way to
an annual exhibition which
will be looked upon as
an additional attraction by
visitors to the town. To
accomplish this the com-
mittee invite offers of ex-
hibits of both modern and
old work. The exhibition
will take place in June,
July, and August, at the
Mostyn Art Galleries, and
communications may be
addressed to the curator,
Mr. J. Hanmer Hutchings.

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