International studio — 32.1907

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A lexandre Struys

appears to have been long settled in Yorkshire
previously); and London, whither he transferred
his practice in 1865 ; these and many other towns
and places all possess structures which testify to
his indefatigable zeal, sound judgment, and
resourcefulness in the solution of the problems
confronting him. Some of his earlier creations
were, it is true, conceived in a style of revived
meditevalism which does not commend itself to
the younger generation of architects as it did to his
contemporaries, but in his later work he showed
much greater independence and originality of
design and method.

Besides being an architect of unusual calibre,
however, Mr. Waterhouse was also gifted in a high
degree with those qualities which go to the making
of a successful painter.

It is instructive to note
that even in boyhood his
thoughts turned to painting
as a future profession, and
it is quite probable that had
not the parent art claimed
the principal part of his
energies during the re-
mainder of his life, he
would have earned as
much fame as a painter
as he did as an architect.

Still, in spite of the narrow
margin of leisure which his
busy career left him, he
found time to pursue the
object of his early love,
and whenever opportunities
presented themselves de-
voted himself ardently to
landscape painting in oils
and water-colours. Some of
these landscapes made their
appearance in public from
time to time at various
exhibitions, and at the
Royal Academy in the
water-colour room ; but the
number of works thus ex-
hibited were few compared
with the entire number he
executed. The three ex-
amples now reproduced
have been selected from
a large accumulation of
sketches made in water-
colour atj various times “i.ocarno”

and places throughout a period of about twenty
years and may be taken as fairly representative of
his work in that medium.

Alexandre struys, a Bel-

Those who delight in classification might find
some interest in determining on the one hand the
different kinds of works of art that have achieved
success, and on the other the different kinds of
success achieved by works of art. They would
soon become aware that there are what may be
called national successes, due to the local influence,
more or less political in character of interested


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