International studio — 32.1907

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School Notes



League of Mineral Paint-

The Pennsylvania
Museum and School of
Industrial Art, L. W.
Miller, Principal, has just
held an interesting exhi-
bition of the work of stu-
dents of its schools of tex-
tile and applied art.

Teachers College,
New York, is conducting
185 courses, including the-
ory and practice of teaching
art, principles of design,
drawing, painting and illus-
tration, clay modeling, in-
terior decoration, etc.

The summer term of
the Art Academy of Cin-
cinnati, under the direction
of J. H. Gest, extends to
August 24.

The Newark (N. J.)
Public Drawing School
made an interesting show-
ing in craftwork, a new
department of which we
shall have more to say in
a later issue.

Summer Classes in the
Luxembourg have been ar-
ranged by the London
School of Art.


The Rhode Island School of
Design is conducting classes in outdoor
sketching and illustration, weaving,
Colonial architecture, machine design, metal work
and theory of design and composition.

The Misses Mason,
New York City, some of whose recent work was
illustrated last month, are holding classes in the
decoration of porcelain.

The Badger Summer School of pottery at
Madison, Wis., models its instruction on the Alfred
pottery methods.

The Arts and Crafts Department of the
Washington (D. C.) School of Decorative Indus-
trial and Fine Arts will offer courses next October
under the direction of Mrs. Belle Barnett Vesey,
president for the past three years of the National

Outdoor classes, under Birge Harrison at
Woodstock, N. Y., to October 1, and classes in the
city under Thomas Fogarty and Walter Walz Faw-
cett to September 21, are conducted by the Art
Students’ League, New York.

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