Studio: international art — 22.1901

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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions.

Mr. Wilhelm Schoelermann, of Kiel, is engaged (Francis Reynolds); Paris (Samuel Crane);

upon a German translation of the principal works Dicko (Griselda Wedderburn); and Isca (Ethel

of John Ruskin. The first three volumes have Larcombe).

already been published. ii,,lm„„ T

3 1 Winter Landscape.

AWARDS IN "THE STUDIO" The FlRST Prize ^Guinea) is awarded to

PRIZE COMPETITIONS. Tesnus (W. T. Greatbatch, 30 Smallbrook Street,

(A II.) The Second Prize (Ha/f-a-Guinea), to Hiems

N.B.—The design that won the First Prize in (Walter G. Batchelor, Radwell House, near

Competition A II. was by mistake attributed to Baldock, Herts).

Peacock (Miss Fanny Bunn). It is the work of Honourable mention is given to the following :

Chanleve (C. J. Housey, Forest Hall, North- —Caliban (H. Bohmer, Germany); Sandtwir

umberland), to whom the First Prize has been (S. Friezenberg, Holland) ; and Cloissonn'e (Harry

awarded. Wanless).

Design for a Rose Bowl.

(A III.)

The First Prize (Two
Guineas) has been awarded
to Tramp (David Veazey,
27 Rectory Place, Wool-

The Second Prize (One
Guinea) to Pram (Harry
Charles Hall, 489 Penistone
Road, Sheffield).

Honourable mention has
been given to the follow-
ing :— Tramp (David
Veazey); Aum (Herbert
Henry Stansfield) ; Jat
(John A. Tidmus); Aurora
(A. Evelyn Clark); and
The Imp (Evelyn May

Design for an Adver-

(B III.)

The Prize (Two
Guineas) has been awarded
to Isca (Ethel Larcombe,
Wilton Place, St. James's,

Honourable mention has
been given to Pan (Fred.
H. Ball) ; to Vallota
(Miss E. A. Lilley); Itylus
(Will E. Tyler) ; Kismet
(Edgar J. Simmons); Reg second prize (comp. cm) "hiems"
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