Studio: international art — 22.1901

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How to use a Lead Pencil

HOW TO USE A LEAD PENCIL, achieved with an apparent ease that few other'
WRITTEN AND ILL US- mediums possess.
TRATED BY ^E' BOROUGH Again, the art of pencil-drawing can be quite as
JOHNSON personal and as characteristic in expression as pen-
drawing, if not more so ; and the pencil has the
In attempting to deal with this subject, at the advantage of a wider range of effects, whilst for
request of the editor of The Studio, I purpose handiness and cleanliness it stands alone. The
speaking of the various methods that I find most lead pencil is more applicable to comparatively
useful in work in lead pencil, an implement of small work than to large, and is particularly ex-
art that very few appreciate at its proper value. It pressive when the artist wishes to make rapid
is always exceedingly difficult to express' one art in studies from the nude where it is necessary to
the terms of another; but in the present case the render with a flexible and vigorous line the action
drawings here reproduced will, I hope, sufficiently and pose of the model. With practice an artist
demonstrate my remarks. may obtain perfect control over his pencil, so as to
To draw with the lead pencil in an intelligent render in any degree desired either the most
and artistic manner, especially when making a subtle or the strongest modellings; and this may
tone drawing, requires much and constant be done with a brilliancy and vitality of touch,
practice, for it is a most difficult medium combined with a spontaneity of execution, which
to manipulate
really well; but
what a beautiful
and expressive
medium it is in a

tised and able
Yet, somehow, it
is but little under-
stood, and there-
fore but little
appreciated, by
the general pub-
lic. Nor is it
used as generally
as it ought to be in
our Art Schools.
With an ordinary
BB pencil, on
smooth paper
such as I will pre-
sently describe,
it is possible to
give every degree
of gradation of
shades, from the
most delicate to
the deepest tones.
The qualities and
the varied text-
ures that can be
obtained with
the pencil are
infinite, and with
constant practice
they can be

hand that is prac- ^ • \ ^ \ ^ ,

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