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Mr. Nico Jungmann's Drawings

purpose of leading, and in themselves supply a familiarity with " decorative" as opposed to purely
beautiful and effective decoration, when used with " pictorial " design has influenced his work greatly,
crystal glass alone. Other subjects, which are pecu- and still gives it its peculiar quality. At sixteen-
liarly Mr. Paterson's own, are given to conventional and-a-half years his ability was so marked that he
representations of old towns (as in the staircase was " spotted " as a youth of great promise, and en-
window, illustrated on page 18), and another where couraged to study at the Academy of Plastic Art.
the leading supplies the drawing, and the flat pieces After four years spent there, and another year else-
of glass give something approximate to but not where, he came to London with a subsidy from
imitating local colour. Ships with bulging sails the director of "Arti et Amicitiae," having suc-
afford him delightful excuse for curved lines, that cessfully competed for a fresco for that institu-
suggest perspective but do not confuse the conven- tion. His duty was to make sketches of London
tion suited for flat decoration. The admirable life, and transmit them periodically to Holland,
fidelity to this purpose is so evident in these illus- Until now, the only work which has been published
trations that it is unnecessary to dilate upon it. here that calls for mention, is a series of drawings
But they have not been picked out to emphasise and a plate in colours for The Parade, 1897.
that which distinguishes all this glass, except pos- These, however, hardly show him at his best, for
sibly a few ingenious copies of old engravings Mr. Jungmann is an artist with a strong individu-
which look as if they were etched on the glass ality that has so far found its fullest expression in
itself. studies of figures rather than in pictures, or even
Of Mr. Oscar Paterson's enthusiastic devotion in designs, as the terms are conventionally under-
to his craft much might be said. The single detour stood. In 1896 he returned to Holland, and did
in other fields here represented—a charming casket, much work at Vollendam, one of its most pic-
made by himself and his partner, show, howrever, turesque sketching-grounds. In the water-colours
that should they care to devote their attention to and pencil drawings he made there his aim has
metal-work and enamel,
they would probably be as
fertile in new combinations
of form and colour as they
have proved themselves

to be in stained glass. - " ".

ome draw- " v; v

ings by mr.
nico jung-

Before discussing the
drawings of Mr. Nico
Jungmann, a few facts of
his career may be briefly
noted. Although settled in
London he is not of Eng-
lish birth, as indeed his
name would betray. Born
at Amsterdam of parents
in no way connected with
art, he was at the age of
twelve apprenticed to a
decorator of churches and
interiors, and made rapid
progress during the four-
and-a-half years he was en-
gaged in various branches

of mural painting. This water-colour study by nico jungmann

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