Studio: international art — 13.1898

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Studio- Talk

mortality of youth ; and in future histories of
illustration, whether for blame or praise, men must
needs add that it was a mere boy who did these
things, and did them as no other had ever attempted
to do them before. G. W.


STUDIO-TALK. 0^~~--^*

(From our own Correspondents.)

LONDON.—By his seventy-four water-
colour drawings recently exhibited at
under the
general title of Cairo, the
Lebanon and Damascus,
Mr. Walter Tyndale
proves his right to a

foremost place in the art. medal
The especial qualities

which justify this opinion "^^J1^" , , , r rp i , , ,

J 1 1 no real substance. Mr. 1 yndale is also a colourist

are perhaps not fully MEDALLion portrait who neither shirks the problem of dazzling light

v n n ic o lerwise by frank bowcher an(j brilliant colours which strike a Western eye as

excellent reproductions •, f , u ,

1 crude, it not impossible; nor, on the other hand,

by over-attention to this aspect makes his pictures



illustrated. In the original, the dome and minaret
of the mosque, telling out a brilliant white against
the blue sky, reveal a peculiar subtlety of model-
ling, which is almost stereoscopic in its effect. This
quality is gained without exaggeration or loss of
"value." So in the other, the architecture appears
as real masonry, solid and of cubical dimensions;
not, as is so often the case in works of this class—
like well-painted theatrical scenery—with no weight, MEDALLION PORTRAIT PRANK BOWCHRR
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