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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

in matters appertaining to art. It may, perhaps, pages of Ver Sacrum, the new organ of the
be suggested that the letters in the directory de- Vereinigung Bildender Kuenstler Osterreichs, pub-
noting the galleries at which pictures have been lished by Messrs. Gerlach and Schenk of Vienna,
exhibited during the past year convey a somewhat and note that the promoters have struck out a new
erroneous impression with regard to the output of line and have succeeded in producing a journal at
the various artists, inasmuch as no mention is once attractive to look upon and valuable as a
made of the fact that the same picture is not in- means of keeping in touch with the doings of a
frequently sent to more than one exhibition in the distinctly interesting group of Austrian artists who
course of a year. In one case, for instance, no have freed themselves from the burden of academic
fewer than eleven pictures are attributed to a well- shackles. We heartily commend Ver Sacrum to
known painter who would probably be the first to the notice of our readers.

protest against the evils of over-production. This, Apropos of the foregoing remarks, a certain new

however, in no way detracts from the general ex- art magazine from Germany has lately issued a

cellence of the publication. circular in which it is referred to as " The German

Picturesque Dublin^ Old and New. By Frances Studio." As this might lead to misapprehension,

Gerard. (London: Hutchinson & Co.) Price 12^. it is well perhaps to state that the publication in

—A pleasantly written account of the picturesque question is in no way connected with this magazine,

capital of the " Sister Isle," plentifully illustrated -

after old prints, photographs, and some wash- We have received from Mr. George Allen a copy
drawings by Miss Rose Barton. The charm of of The Literary Year-Book for 1898, which con-
colour which is a characteristic of Miss Barton's tains some three hundred well-printed pages of
work is unfortunately missing in the reproductions information that cannot fail to be of immense
here given, which, of necessity, are in black and practical value to all interested in literature. It
white. It would nevertheless appear that she is has for a frontispiece an excellent photogravure
equally happy in her delineations of the streets of portrait of Ruskin.
Dublin as in those of London. Would it were

possible to bring back to these old streets something A WARDS IN "THE STUDIO"

of the brightness which formerly characterised them, i\ PRIZE COMPETITIONS,

and which the writer so graphically describes ! / \

Tonkin to India. By Prince Henri d'Orleans. I \ Design for a Lady's BeLT Buckle'

(London: Methuen & Co.) Price 25*.— The (AXIL)

author's brilliant account of his journey overland from The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to

Tonkin to India by the sources of the Irawadi is Jason (John Thirtle, The Llms, Banstead Road,

illustrated by a large number of unusually excellent Ewell, Surrey).

woodcuts by G. Vuillier, in which the characteristics The Second Prize (One guinea) will be trebled

of the country through which the traveller passed and divided between Orpheus (Thomas Corson,

and the types of the people whom he met are well 8 Blenheim Walk, Leeds); Magpie (Gertrude M.

portrayed. Great freedom of work with directness Siddall, 19 Eaton Road, Chester); and Gyges

of execution are the prominent features of modern (Emile Icguy, Rue de Sunhergue 63, Paris.

French wood-engraving, and these characteristics The above designs will be reproduced in colours

are well exemplified by the examples in this work. and will appear in a later number.

- Honourable Mention is given to the following:—

A surprising lack of originality is perhaps the Abracadabra (H. A. Churchill, St. Paul's Square,
most striking point observable in the new art Burton-on-Trent); Avon (Sophie Pumphrey, Wood-
magazines which have lately burst upon the world stock Road, Moseley, Birmingham) ; Gcsp (Nella
in such considerable numbers. The size, shape, Boon, Willemstraat 26, The Hague); Alice (G. H.
form, and general features of The Studio have Glenny); Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse) ; Asterisk
been copied again and again with flattering, if mono- (Edith Snowdon); Bat (Chas. W. Crosby); Beck
tonous, persistence, whilst those responsible have (G. C. Carter); Bufo (Madeline Gregory) \ Cyclops
apparently lost sight of the important fact that the (L. Day); Corrigenda (Miss Watkin) ; Demy (Allan
illustration of good examples of art, in addition to Inglis); Fantigue (Mabel St. John Mildmay) \
comeliness of production, is usually looked upon Frenchy (Jacques Houry) ; Flaxley (F, H.Crawley-
as an essential element of such publications. It is Boevey); JI. C. (Hilda Chalk); Merial (M. J.
with satisfaction therefore that we turn over the Hunt); May (May Dixon); Mcrton (Walter
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