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Awards in 44 The Studio" Prize Competitions

unceasing efforts to advance its claims. Perhaps Mr. Gibson is a/ bold man to attempt so diffi-
he is too uniformly caustic in rating the British cult a task as the po'rtrayal of Dickens's characters.


public for its inadequate appreciation of the great But it cannot be denied that, in the six drawing

draughtsman. To have been a regular contri- contained in the portfolio recently published simul-

butor to Punchy to have taken front rank in the taneously in New York and London, the artist has

"golden decade," show at least that publishers, succeeded in producing a series of considerable

who do not as a rule over-estimate the standard of charm—a series that will be welcomed alike by

popular taste, believed that Keene was a favourite, lovers and collectors of Dickensiana on both sides

Nor have artists only recently joined their applause of the Atlantic. Bc-th this work and the London

to that of the man in the street: years ago they were sketches have been produced in a manner as

fully well agreed on that point. Possibly, delighted by absolutely perfect as is possible.

the humour Keene impressed into his work, his tech- _

nical qualities were not appreciated by all. But The use of illustrated correspondence cards is

even art-critics were not greatly excited by " black- spreading greatly upon the Continent. Messrs.

and-white " until comparatively lately; and for this Philipps and Kromer, of Vienna, have recently

change of attitude Mr. Pennell is largely responsible, issued a charming collection in gold and colours

The " subject" is always likely to give a journalist which are sure to be popular among amateurs of

more to write about than its technique, however good, these dainty trifles,
affords him. Did space permit, the admirable

and temperately argued case Mr. Pennell advances The subject of the portrait by Mr. Nico Jung-
might be quoted liberally; but as it is convincing, mann, which appeared upon page 23 of the last
there is less need to anticipate the pleasure it offers number of The Studio, is Mr. Charles W. Bartlett,
to admirers of his hero. The illustration here repro- and not Mr. W. H. Bartlett, as stated,
duced will endorse his estimate of Keene better
than any comment.

London as Seen by C. Dana Gibson. (London . WARDS IN " THE STUDIO "


John Lane.) People of Dickens. Drawn by C. D.
Gibson. (New York : R. H. Russell. London

John Lane).—We have had the pleasure on several / % Design for a Secretaire.

occasions to record our appreciation of the pen- X JL (A XL)

work of Mr. C. Dana Gibson. The individuality _t _ _ • \ • a a ^

....... . . .... The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to

displayed therein is as notable as m the drawings „. ~ rn ™, f u ^ tt-i,

1 y .? Sixpence G. S. Tanner, The Knoll, Frith Hill,

of Charles Keene and Phil May, and, equally with 1 _ . \

.....' ., , Godalmmg).

them, defies imitation in spite of many would-be ^ Prjze {Qneguinea) t0 Aberbrothock

imitators. But in Mr. Gibson's delineations of T yiewfield Road, Arbroath, N.B.).

London life it is impossible not to feel that he has Honourable Mention is given to the following :-

failed to grasp the salient features of his subjects : ^ (Thomas Corson, 8 Blenheim Walk, Leeds);

his Londoners are not true Cockneys; his English ^ R ^ Holland Streetj Glas-

Society dames are not British born. Placed side N.B.); the above are illustrated; also to

by side with the drawings of Leech and Du Mauner, Ain\WQrth fa% A. Wildman); Anglo (Harry Sim-

in spite of the charm of technique which is ever _ Broughton Ranger (J. W. Gillison); Excel-

present in Mr. Gibson's performances, the evidence ^ ^ R johnson); Glass Eye (George Hyde);

they bear of the work of a stranger in a foreign land Hookm (W H> Deakin); Jason (John Thirtle);

is only too apparent. um Com (Arabella L. Rankin); Monster (W.

Yet there is, perhaps, a danger in attaching too H Reedj . Miss ^ (Fraulein de Wonters de

much importance to this fact; it is well to see Bouchont);. Marcus (Edward Johnston); Ouvrier

ourselves as others see us, and when such an ^ Rud(i^ . pierrot (Jacques Houry); Rich-

appreciative artist as Mr. Gibson essays to " show '^Miss H;incks). Seestu (W. McLauchlan);

us up" we have no cause for annoyance, even if ^ ^ Schwabe); and Umbopa (L. C. Gregory),
the portraits are not always recognisable. We

wonder what a series of drawings of similar subjects Illustration for a Nursery Rhyme.

by Steinlen and Forain would be like. Should we ^ X.)

more easily discover in them our insular peculiari- . ,

ties? We doubt it. The First Prize {On* *»m) « awarded to

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