Studio: international art — 13.1898

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Decorative Art in Paris


This little group of artists, whose work has often
been alluded to in these columns, and with whom
the readers of The Studio have thus for some
time been acquainted, have just been holding their

ality to invest themselves with any other title. To
dub themselves members of this or that confra-
ternity, or corporation, or guild, seems to them
both puerile and useless ; and, by refraining from
limiting their membership, do they not, as it were,
proclaim their readiness to open wide their doors
to all who come in the spirit of goodwill and fel-
lowship?" Thus "The Six" express themselves
in the catalogue of their exhibition, which con-

bronze candlestick by tony selmersheim

second exhibition in the Galerie des Artistes

Modernes, Rue Caumartin. bronze candlestick

Last year they numbered five, now they boast ky tony selmersheim

one more name, and call themselves " Les Six."

Next year, perhaps, they will style themselves tains, moreover, a sort of profession of faith which
"The Eight," or "The Ten," or "The Fifteen." deserves to be remembered.

"They have too much respect for their individu- Their chief care, their real object, is not exclu-
sively to produce rare
nicknacks, show pieces,
objets de luxe, or expensive
works of art. They do
not work to tickle the
fancy, to gratify the mo-
mentary caprice of some
small minority of "fashion-
able " amateurs. Their
principal aim is to create
articles of everyday utility,
which shall be works of
art, not by reason of their
cost, or the value of the
material of which they are
made, but by virtue of the
actual work put into them,

candle brackei hy tony selmersheim and by the fact of their

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