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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions


As announced in February 1897, a
gold, a silver and one or more bronze

medals will be presented annually to those com-
petitors who, by the excellence of their collective
work in the respective classes, shall be deemed
worthy of the honours. The names of those to
whom medals have been awarded will shortly be

Design for a Portiere.

The First Prize {Two guineas) is awarded to
Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road,
Arbroath, N.B.)

This design will be reproduced in colours in a
later number.

The Second Prize {One guinea) to Crown Im-
perial (W. R. Bullmore, 20 Albion Terrace, Gay-
wood Road, King's Lynn).

Honourable Mention is given to the following:—
Doctor (Agnes C. Martin, 45 South Road, Hands-
worth, Birmingham); Kataja (Countess Eva
Sparre, Borga, Finland); Watchman (R. Morton
Nance, 23 Westbourne Road, Penarth, S. Wales):
the above are illustrated) also to Gilligate (Madge
Groves); Jennifer (Kate Lanyon); Leslie (Miss M.
Hounsfield); Tulip (Miss F. V. Shoosmith); and
Walmgate (Jeanie I. Swanson).

Design for a Fancy Book-cover in Colours.

(B XII.)

The First Prize {Three guineas) is awarded to
Arc (Thomas Corson, 8 Blenheim Walk, Leeds).

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Recklaw
(C. A. Walker, 1 Aigburth Road, Sefton Park,

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Dorian (Oliver Senior, 172 Stockport Road,
Levenshulme, Manchester); Erato (Mrs. Jessie D.
Brown, 6341 Monroe Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A.);
Karl (Charles H. B. Pinchard, 2 Doughty Street,
W.C.); Pan (Fredk. H. Ball, 189 Noel Street,
Nottingham); M.A.F. (Minnie A. Field, Penrhos,
Chislehurst): the foregoing have been purchased at
one guinea each); also to—Alige (Alice E. Newby);
Art (Ernest Sanders); Aberbrothock (H. T. Wyse);
Balbus (Wilmot Lunt); Honor (H. C. Appleton);
Morpheus (T. C. Dugdale); Max (Reby Veronica
Waddington); Maybe (Countess Vera Sollshub);
North- West Wind (Elinor Postlethwaite); Pat
(Sylvia Packard) j Roach (F. W. Ogden); Roffey
(Arthur E. Payne); Tlie Fusee (A. Constance

Smedley); Tregeagle (Samuel J. Hicks); Freda
(Winifred Arthur); and Valkyrie (A. Hamilton

Characters from the Works of Charles

No. 1. "Mr. Micawber"

The First Prize {One gumea) is awarded to Rex
(J. M. Staniforth, Llanishen, near Cardiff).

The Second Prize {Half a-guinea) to Duffer
(Claud Cooper, Bourne Hall Road, Bushey, Herts).

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Comus (Henry C. Wilkie); Morpheus (T. C. Dug-
dale) ; Martha (Ethel M. Turner); and Roy (F.
W. Doyle Forfane).

Study of a Child.
(C XII.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Clymping (Louisa Ginnett, 16 Sinclair Road, West

The Second Prize {Haifa-guinea) to Crotvquih
(Katherine L. Beard, 9 Denning Road, Hamp-

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Grumbler (Rosa C. Petherick, Maple Lodge, Have-
lock Road, Croydon); Brontops (Evelyn Pearce);
Bimbo (Eleanor Barton); Biff (Henry P. Tru-
man) ; Century (Jessica Turner); Dox (Nellie
Harvey); Crock (Emily Westrup); Daub (E. Grace
Wilson); Etelka (Etel Heinreich Arad); Leekey
(Ernest A. Taylor); Lazy Taed (Evelyn M. Scott);
Langtown (George Mitchell); Oily (E. Gritein);
Primula (E. Jones); Pan (Fredk. H. Ball);
S.P.Q.R. (A. H. Jenkins) ; Taffy (Mary Hughes);
and Vevers (Beatrice Greenwood).

Photographs from Nature.
Study of a Cat.
(D VI.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
F.R.S. (Mary C Fair, Freemantle Rectory,

The Second Prize {Haifa-guinea) to Bromide
(Hugh Milton, 22 Promenade Villas, Cheltenham).

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Colly (Miss Van Andringa); Etol (Ethel Oliver);
Fluff (Miss Curtis); Junius (Philip Parsons);
Murus (Mrs. Wall); P.Jay (Philip Joshua); Tet-
nal (G. M. Griffiths); Un Coupable (Jacques de
Bronwer); Whittington (MissL. A. Russell); West
Carbery (Mrs. Coghill); and Warwick (J. H.

In consequence of great pressure of matter we
regret that we are unable to find space to illustrate
this competition.

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