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Anders Zorn

SWEDISH PAINTER AND antiquity. Roslill and Lafrensen (Lavreince) rc-
ETCHER : ANDERS ZORN. present, in the most choice manner and with the
HY CARL G. LAURIN. most refined elegance, the Rococo age with its

deli rious thirst for enjoyment and its bewitching
Sweden, the land of deep forests, coquetry—an age which, in its ruthless striving
many lakes, and rapid rivers, possesses an old after enjoyment, always maintained the bearing of
national and industrial culture. Art, the flower of the man of the world, and never became free or
culture—which more than anything else shows the plebeian. Gustaf III. was in Sweden the type of
shifting colours of the people's genius, and interprets the time, and this art-loving prince, who in a
the nation's innermost, unexpressed desire for beauty Neronic manner tried to realise, and did realise,
—is of relatively old date. Without mentioning thoughts of beauty, has been aptly depicted by the
the vigorous peasant-art, which has lived from two aforesaid Swedish painters. And Karl Fredrik
time immemorial with ever-fresh life, and still finds Breda, who in England developed his talents under
expression in an unusually rich Jw?ne-sloyd, the the great Reynolds, was a genial portraitist. Of
art of the higher classes has also a respectable course the universal (French) culture which was

characteristic of the
eighteenth century also
made its impression upon
the art of Sweden; but
Swedish art has also be-
come national, fortunately
without excluding fructify-
ing currents from abroad.
The Swedish nucleus is
observable in the art of all
our most eminent painters,
and especially in the works
of our most prominent
painter, Anders Zorn.

Zorn was born in a
peasant home in Dalecar-
lia in t86o. The name
Anders is a genuine
Swedish peasant name ;
but of the shepherd boy
who watched his sheep
and carved horses and
cows, painting them with
the juice of berries and
flowers, there is nothing
left in the elegant painter
and etcher, except a warm
feeling for nature and
home, and an intense love
for warm colours which
are to be found both in
his pictures and his neck-

When fifteen years old
he began to attend the
Academy in Stockholm,
and then intended to be-
come a sculptor. 1 [e took

, ,„.. wavbs» pbom a painting by andmis sorn what he earned on his

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