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Lady Artists in Germany


becoming more and more the "order of the day," form, and in their efforts to find new formula they
but at the same time it proceeds hand-in-hand with are impelled not so much by a desire for novelty,
eccentricity and bizarrerie. Incoherence and ugli- qua novelty, as by a profound conviction that the
ness predominate. Against this tendency the little social life of to-day, our vie intime, demands a
group of "Les Six " are struggling valiantly, and I setting corresponding to its own immediate needs,
am inclined to think they will emerge triumphant. to its own view of things, to its own being. And
But meanwhile France is very much behindhand they are right.

in the modern art movement they are preaching. Gabriel Mourey.

I have attempted, to the best of my power, to show
the merits and the characteristics of each of these
artists ; but, beyond the individual qualities I have
enumerated, they are united in a community of
thought and feeling, and this it is which really Germany being the fatherland of

constitutes their strength. They strive, one and JL--# theories must, of necessity, afford many

all, to remain true to the traditions, not of form, strongholds and points of vantage to prejudice,
but of intellect—the esprit, in a word, which is the Fully a hundred years ago Angelica Kauffmann
legacy of French art. In contrast to the complexi- had achieved European fame as a painter. Those
ties and pretentious eccentricities of certain artists, were the days of extreme hero-worship, when
they rely on simplicity, clearness, and logic of genius, nay, even talent, sometimes got its due and

even more than its due of
admiration among the Phili-
stines. Admiration is apt to
stimulate ambition, and con-
sequently a number of more
or less talented Philistines
took up the profession of
artists, art being considered
a gentlemanly occupation.
Gentlemanly occupations
must needs be ladylike,
wherefore a noble army of
ladies, considering them-
selves too good to go out
as governesses, but standing
in need of employment of
some kind, betook them-
selves to the noble profes-
sion of " Malweiber." As
a body, they revealed what-
ever there is to be found
especially faulty in woman's
nature. In consequence
of this flocking together of
womankind the theory of
the inferiority of woman,
bodily and mentally, both
in art and in science, has
been developed in every pos-
sible detail. Not a student
is to be found among the
thousands of scholars be-
longing to our many uniwr
sities who could not hold

PORTRAIT OF FRAO K. v. B. BY BERTHA WBGMANN forth for hours together Oil

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