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Some Artists at Liege


tects, who, in their own way, may be deemed not ardour and energy, tempered, nevertheless, by a

unworthy of being considered descendants of the slight touch of idleness. He is certainly a man

builders of the past. of action, but a certain dreamy tendency deprives

him of that patient plodding spirit which consti-

nMC » tutes the strength of the Flemish. The great

OME ARTISTS AT LIEGE. . _ , . „.to11 , t, . ° , .

defect of the Walloon—and at the same time his



chief merit, whence all the other virtues spring—is

| At the opening of a most interesting his extreme nervous sensibility, especially among

V*_>^ and exhaustive article entitled " Les the cultured classes, while one is astonished to find

Lettres Franchises en Belgique," M. Albert Mockel, traces of it even among the country folk. This

the graceful poet and equally delicate art critic, peculiarity endows these big dark men with a sort

wrote the other day the following lines, which I am of secret tenderness which brings them into close

glad to repeat: " Every one knows the land of communion with Nature, but at the same time it

Belgium is composed of two quite distinct parts— is the cause of the traditional hot-headedness of

Flanders and Wallonia. The Flemish—a robust the Liegois, and the consequent failure of collec-

and tranquil race, mostly lymphatic, with a san- tive effort among them. The Walloon is inventive

guine leaven here and there—are to be found in by nature, but easily discouraged when the hour of

Bruges, Ghent, and Antwerp ; while the Walloons, realisation comes. Frequently intellectual, at times

of livelier and more nervous temperament, inhabit over-analytical, and something of a reasoner, he

Liege, Namur, and all the country as far as Mons. broods over his work, one fancies, with too much

The Gallo-Frank, or Walloon, with the same blood subtlety, instead of simply plodding on as his fancy

in him as the French of the Ardennes, is full of directs him, like the Flamand. He is capable of
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