Studio: international art — 13.1898

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Studio- Talk


workmanship is more honest, or who have more Aumonier, and Mr. Yeend King are most worthy
regard for their dignity, both personal and artistic, of special mention on account of fine qualities of
In reply to absolute " official " indifference, coupled handling and colour ; and figure compositions by
with marked hostility on the part of their fellow- Sir James Linton, Mr. J. Gulich, Mr. Carlton
citizens, they have been content to produce their Smith, and Mr. Percy Buckman have, in different
beautiful works in silence. For my part, I am ways, very considerable interest. A small study of
happy to have been able to assist, to the best of a girl's head by Mr. Mortimer Menpes is tech-
my power, in making them and their efforts known. nically one of the most original drawings in the

F. K. show ; and a large picture by Professor Hans von
Bartels is one of the most robust and assertive
examples of technical display; but there is little
STUDIO-TALK. else that rises conspicuously above the general


{From our own Correspondents.} _

LONDON.—Only a few of the drawings Mr. Arthur Tomson's paintings, recently col-

in the exhibition of the Royal Institute lected at the Dutch Gallery, showed him at his

of Painters in Water-Colours can be best as a sensitive student of nature who can

said to claim notice as exceptionally realise some of the most fascinating charms of

original or remarkably excellent. The landscape without sacrificing the highest qualities

bulk of the work shown is commonplace, and makes of decoration. His work is always right inspirit

an appeal to popular attention rather by following and his treatment of effects of atmosphere and.

accustomed lines than by seeking to advance any colour is never lacking in dignity and discreet

new conviction or unusual method. Some good reserve. Therefore the exhibition had a special

landscapes by Mr. J. S. Hill, Mr. Alfred East, Mr. value as an assertion of principles which are influ-

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