International studio — 24.1904/​1905(1905)

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Book Reviews

ton Cheney is at the head of the decorative design

E. Menely, in a series of lectures on the St. Louis

Miss Esther Griffin White, of Richmond,
Indiana, will give an exhibition of hand-bound
books in several
cities of that
State, including
Richmond and
during the month
of December.
Miss White is the
art editor of the
Daily Palladi-

T h e new
Aquarelle Club,
of Cleveland,
Ohio, will hold
an exhibition this
The Council
of the School of
the Museum of
ton, has secured
Mr. Edward P.
Warren to fill the
vacancy in that body left by the resignation of
Mr. H. Langford Warren.


The New York School of Applied Design
for Women, reports donations to the general fund
for the year to the extent of $1,600.

The San Francisco Art Association an-
nounces addi-
tions to the de-
par tment of
sculpture, in the
collection of the
Mark Hopkins
Institute of Art,
notably small
marble copies of
architectural fea-
tures of the Ro-
man forum, pre-
sented by Mrs.
William Norris,
and a figure of
David by Thom-
as Ball,presented
by Edward F.
Sealers, of Me-
thuen, Mass.
The Art Club
of Philadel-
phia has set its
varnishing day
for its annual ex-
hibition of oil
paintings and sculptures on November 18. The
exhibition will open Monday, November 21, and
close December 18. Only original works by
living artists, which have never before been pub-
licly exhibited in Philadelphia are eligible.

The Cincinnati Museum is exhibiting an
interesting painting, The Descent jrom the Cross,
attributed to Rogier van der Weyden, a reproduc-
tion of which we present herewith. The artist is
ranked in the Flemish school, and worked in the
middle of the fifteenth century.

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts reports a
conspicuous loan in the painting by Gustave
Courbet, The Quarry, lent by Henry Sayles. This
was exhibited in the Salon of 1857, in company
with the famous Les Desmoiselles des Bords de la
Seine, and marked Courbet’s leadership in the
realist movement in France in its early stage.

The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences
announces among its course of lectures for the com-
ing year, a series on “Architecture and Civiliza-
tion,” by Professor A. D. F. Hamlin, of Columbia
University, on Monday evenings in January and
February. Professor Hamlin will also be asso-
ciated with Professor William J. McGee, Dr.
Tarleton, H. Bean, and Superintendent Clarence

Book reviews.
Dukes and Poets in Ferrara: a Study
in the Poetry, Religion and Politics of the
Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries.
By Edmund G. Gardner, M.A., author of
“ Dante’s Ten Heavens,” “The Story of Florence,”
etc. Pages xii.—578. Illustrations, 14 photo-
gravure plates. Bibliography, Appendices and

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