International studio — 24.1904/​1905(1905)

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Notes on the Crafts

furniture; and the silk-woven tapestries with which
they are upholstered are of a delicacy and richness
quite beyond description. One of our illustrations
shows a remarkable example of the work of Grohe, <
being a commode of the Louis XVI. style, from the

name of the craftsman, and the workmanship is a
marvel of painstaking and perfection.
Another interesting item in this storehouse of
rarities is a collection of about 2,050 specimens of
ancient glass and vitrified paste—Egyptian, Greek,


Baroness Hirsch sale, exhibited in Paris in 1857,
where it took the Grand Prix. The doors are
decorated with Japanese lacq panels, and the
piece is elsewhere richly embellished withMercury-
gilded mouldings. Each part is marked with the

and Roman, consisting of cameos, intaglios, orna-
mental designs in relief, and so-called “Millefiori”
glass fragments, which are of rare beauty in design
and colour. Amongst the cameo glass specimens
fifty-three of the fragments are after the manner of

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