Studio: international art — 11.1897

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

AWARDS IN " THE STUDIO " Cactus (Rose Syers, 23 Princes Square, Bays-

PRIZE COMPETITIONS. Water' W^ ; Emelye (Mildred F. Winter, Municipal
School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham) ;

Design for a Medallion to Com- Grumbler (Rosa C. Petherick, Maple Lodge, Have-

memorate the Reign of Queen iock Road, Croydon); Heldise (Dorothy Hart,

Victoria. (A I.) Heathdale, Harborne, Birmingham); Lactus (Zillah

The drawings sent in for this competition are T. Perkins, The Cottage, Ely, Cambs.); Olive (Ethel

small in number and poor in quality. The idea of K. Burgess, no address); Puck (Arthur B. Packham,

an artistic medal has not been conceived by any 2y Bond Street, Brighton); Pekin (Mary G. Hous-

one of the competitors. We are a little sur- ton, 13 South Parade, Fulham Road, S.W.); Pokey

prised after the numerous examples of the medal- (Enid Jackson, 12 Forest Road, Birkenhead); Red-

list's art by Roty, Charpentier and others, which /ac (Scott Calder, 159 Sydney Street, Chelsea,

have appeared in our columns, that better results S.W.); and Watchman (R. Morton Nance, 23

have not been obtained. We are regretfully obliged Westbourne Road, Penarth, South Wales),

to withhold the First Prize in this competition. Study of a Female Head. (CI.)

The Second Prize (Two Guineas) is awarded Among the large number of drawings sent in

to Saracen (R. Hall Bolt, 9 Brodrick Road, Upper for this competition there are many in which the

Tooting, S.W.) competitors appear to have mistaken laborious finish

Design for the Title Page of a Christmas for artistic work. This is doubtless the fault, to

Card. (A I. Extra.) a certain extent, of incompetent instruction, but

The First Prize (Two Guineas) is awarded to the fault is nevertheless a very real one.

Iridee I. (Thomas Henry, 46 rue Madame, Paris). The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Chin Chin Vevcrs (Bertie Greenwood, 31 Belmont Road,

(J. Mitchell, 21 Crescent Road, Sharrow, Sheffield). Willesden Green).

Honourable mention is given to the following :- The Second Prize (Half a Guinea) to Watch-

Alige (Alice E. Newby, Lansdowne House, Brod- man (R. M. Nance, 23 Wrestbourne Road, Penarth).

rick Road, Upper Tooting, S.W.); Arte (Arthur Honourable mention is given to the following :-

M. Barrett, 192 Tufnell Park Road, N.); Ace of Amor (Elise D. Elboux, 18 Radipole Road, Mun-

Hearts (Edith Ewen, Cowley Villa, Hunstanton, ster Park, Fulham, S.W.); Arbor Vale (Henrietta

Norfolk) ; Camu (Chas. Gale, Butt Road, Colches- M. Tarver, The Bungalow, Bourne Hall Road, Old

ter); Emily (May S. Tyrer, Glenmore, Chapter Bushey, Herts); Brunswick Black (Thomas A.

Road, Willesden Green) ; Grumbler (Rosa C. Brock, 14 Brunswick Walk, Cambridge); Cul-

Petherick, Maple Lodge, Havelock Road, Croy- rathain (Margaret M. Houston, Coleraine, Ireland);

don); Puck (Arthur B. Packham, 27 Bond Street, Chada (C. H. Temple^ Iron Bridge, Shropshire);

Brighton); Peppercorn (Florence A. F. Phillips, Chelsea Pensioner (Ada C. Ince, 13 Frognal,

5 North Avenue, Clarendon Park, Leicester); Hampstead, N.W.); Desespoir (Mary Davis, West

Pokey (Enid Jackson, 12 Forest Road, Birken- Point, Levenshulme, Manchester); Daub (Maud

head); White Heliotrope (Victor Lhuer, 23 Quai Shelley, 13 Rutland Gate, S.W.); Dale (Millie

de la Tournelle, Paris); and White Heather (Gwy- Duncan, 140 High Road, Lee, S.E.); Elsa (Elsa

nedd Polin, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury). M. W7aterlow, 1 Maresfield Gardens, Fitzjohn's

Illustration in Pen and Ink Work for Avenue, N.W.); Grumbler (Rosa C. Petherick,

"The Canterbury Tales." (B I.) Maple Lodge, Havelock Road, Croydon); Irene

The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to (Mrs. Allen, 5 Addison Road, Plymouth); Lofen

Berangere (Victor Lhuer, 23 Quai de la Tournelle, (Winifred Hett, 6 Finborough Road, S. Kensing-

Paris). ton); Lamplight (Herbert Sershall, 14 Devon Ter-

The Spxond Prize (Half a Guinea) to Oreas race, Mutley, Plymouth); Model (Wilh. Gulzow,

(D. Chamberlain, 8 Park Avenue, Glasgow). 58 Helix Road, Brixton Hill, S.W.); Nens (Eve

Honourable Mention is given to the following:— M. Scott, The Shrubbery, Erith); Owlet (E. B.

Ace of Hearts (Edith Ewen, Cowley Villa, Hun- Hart, 10 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh) ; Stylus

stanton, Norfolk); Atahualpha (Kather'ne A. Ross, (G. W. Collins, 2 Bond Street, Holford Square,

Wadworth Hall, Doncaster); Arbroath (Nancy M. W.C.); Ver(]ohn Dumayne, 114 Burnt Ash Road,

Ruxton, 24 Wetherby Gardens, South Kensington); Lee, S.E.); Veritas (Florence E. Cole, 25 Redburn

Camu (Chas. Gale, Butt Road, Colchester); Chef Street, Chelsea, S.W.)J and Zeto (W. E. Tyler,

(A Cooke, 15 St. John's Road, Upper Holloway, Westgate, Bridgnorth)
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