Studio: international art — 11.1897

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Awards in " 77ie Studio" Prize Competitions

Sketches from Nature.
A Seascape.
(C IV.)

AWARDS IN " THE STUDIO" (Guy Blood, 19 Castle Street, Liverpool); Merosh
PRIZE COMPETITIONS (Stavros Homere, Wyken House, Bridgnorth,

Salop); Micawber (Edmund Whitehead, 17 The
Design for a Set of Door Avenue, Upper Norwood); Nemo (Florence Grant,

Furniture. I03 Lcnnard Road, Penge, S.E.); and Old Coin

(A IV.) (Charles E. Thompson, 24 Roxburgh Avenue,

,,,, T, /rr<i \ ■ i a ^ Aigburth Road, Liverpool).

The First Prize {Three guineas) is awarded to b ' 1 '

Glitters (Hermione Unwin, Hall Royd, Shipley, Design for a Catalogue Cover.

Yorkshire). ' (B-V. Extra)

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Carp The First Prize (Two guineas) is awarded to

(Frances Louisa Evans, Cornwall Lodge, York Jridee (Thomas Henry, 46 Rue Madame, Paris).

Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.). The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Jason

Honourable mention is given to the following:— (John Thirtle, The Elms, Banstead Road, Ewell,

Aroseune (S. Wilson Shaw, 120 West Regent Street, Surrey).

Glasgow); Artichoke (M. Keighley, 3 Portland Honourable mention is given to the following :—

Place, Plymouth); Doctor (Agnes C. Martin, 45 Butterfield (Bert Smale, 33 Acacia Road, St. John's

South Road, Handsworth, Birmingham); Elsa Wood, N.W.); Camu (Chas. Gale, 51 Butt Road,

(Lisa M. Waterlow, t Maresfield Gardens, Fitz- Colchester); Nemo (John M. Atken, 6ii Locb

John's Avenue, N.W.); Kohana-San (Muriel E. Street, Aberdeen); and Merosh (Stavros Homere,

Scott, Elmstead Grange, Chiselhurst); Jode (Johe Wyken House, Bridgnorth, Salop).
Willis, "Studio," Tooting Bee Road, Upper Toot-
ing, S.W.); May (May Dixon, Mulberry Green,
Harlow, Essex); Micawber (Edmund Whitehead,
17 The Avenue, Upper Norwood), and Zaphphir

(G. S. Lemasnie, Alpha House, Stapley Hill, The FlRST Prize (0ne Zuinea) is awarded to
Bristol) Indian Ink (James S. Alderson, 1 Market Place,

a Rueby).

Design for an Alphabet. ° j' _ . __ 7. . _ _ .

1 he Second Prize {Hall a guinea) to Porlock

^ J (Samuel Poole, 46 Grosvenor Road, S.W. j.

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Black Sheep (C. E. Thompson, 24 Roxburgh Pengersee (Stephen Thomas, 66 High Street, Bide-
Avenue, Aigburth Road, Liverpool). ford); Teddie (Ada Mary Williams, Walcot, Shaa

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Pokey Road, East Acton, W.); and Zarkus (Arthur Smith,
(Enid Jackson, Forest Road, Birkenhead). Glen Lyn, Clifton Place, Stapleton Road, Bristol).

Honourable mention
is given to :—Berangere
(Victor Lhuer, 23 Quai
de la Tournelle, Paris);
Dorian (Oliver Senior,
7 Livesey Street, Man-
chester) ; Holly hock
(Nancy M. Ruxton, 24
We t h e r b y Gardens,
S.W.); Kay D. (Cora J.
Cady, 199 North Division
Street, Grand Rapids,
Michigan, U.S.A.);
legible (Arthur Manock,
Benfield House, Bos-
combe Park, Bourne-
mouth) ; Moon Daisy
(Margaret T. Griffith,
Efrithlands, Marine

Drive, Rhyl); Mazeppa h0n- mention (comp. e iv.) -zarkus



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