Studio: international art — 11.1897

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

Design for a Cloth Book-Cover.
(B II.)

The designs sent in for this competition are numer-
ous, and show, for the most part, a high level of ex-
cellence. We regret that want of space prevents us
from illustrating a larger number, as there are many
others of equal merit to those now reproduced.

The First Prize {One Guinea) is awarded to
Lemon (Bert Smale, 39 Cochrane Street, St. John's
Wood, N.W.).

The Second Prize {Half a Guinea) to Oakley
(Arthur Maude, 1 Margaretta Terrace, Chelsea).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Ay Inter (Alfred J. Madeley, 223 Bosley Road,
Maidstone); ^Esthetic (Arthur Manock, Benfield
House, Boscombe Park, Bournemouth); Abana
(Emily A. Attwell, 182 Mile End Road, E.);
Butterfly (M. J. Hunt, "Southwood," Torquay,
Devon); Blue Bells (Henry Simpson, 32 Union
Terrace, Aberdeen) ; Boreas (Cecil Roche, 10
Millbank Street, Westminster) ; Banshee (Made-
line Prim, Houses of Parliament, Westminster,
S.W.); Barr (J. H. Thornhill, 19 New Street,
Walsall); Brown Betty (Beatrice M. Deane,
60 Pulteney Street, Bath); Clytie (Alice E.
Burt, 3 Kempshott Road, Streatham Common,
S.W.); Eiram (Joseph M. Doran, 64 Cromwell
Road, Belfast); Eldorado (Sarah MacConnell, 226
West 75th Street, New York City, U.S.A.); Flo
(Florence Grant, 103 Lennard Road, Penge, S.E.);
Grumbler (Rosa C. Petherick, Maple Lodge,
Havelock Road, Croydon); Hjalmar (Helen
Kiick, Holly House, East Dulwich Road, S.E.);
Hartful (E. L. Pattison, 204 Kennington Park
Road, S.E.); Hazel Nitt (Ada Kate Hazell,
Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey); Indigo (Mary
M. Matthews, 165 Ebury Street, S.W.); Iona
(Kathleen Suckling, 35 Albion Street, Birming-
ham) ; Iridee (Thomas Henry, 46 Rue Madame,
Paris); Jo (Florence Joyce, Weston Poplar
Avenue, Edgbaston, Birmingham); Kate (Ethel
K. Burgess, 2 Lilford Road, Camberwell); Kit
(Katharine Maude Coggin, North View, Chadwick
Road, Peckham) ; Kohana-San (Muriel E. Scott,
Elmstead Grange, Chiselhurst); Lofen (Winifred
Hett, 6 Finborough Road, S.W.); Lily (Eleanor
V. Tyler, " Stonycroft," Beach Road, Weston-
Super-Mare); Louisa (Helen Stratton, 113 Abing-
don Road, Kensington, W.) ; Molesey (Herbert
Dobby, 10 Feltham Avenue, East Molesey);
Mimosa B. (William E. Donaldson, 18 Tay
Street, Edinburgh); Natura (Arch Spargo, 35
Glebe Street, Chelsea); Never Despair (Johanna
van Rees, 69 Keizersgracht, Amsterdam); Iyodley

(Arabella L. Rankin, Muthill, Perthshire, N.B.);
Pokey (Enid Jackson, 12 Forest Road, Birken-
head); Rose (A. Wilson Shaw, 180 West Regent
Street, Glasgow); Ramlagh (May Seddon Tyrer,
Southam Villa, Prestbury Road, Cheltenham) ;
Semper (Hilda Pemberton, 19 Pepys Road, South
Brockley, S.E.); Swallow (H. Elizabeth Sich,
Norfolk House, Chiswick Mall); St. Thibault (F. H.
Ball, 141 Noel Street, Nottingham); The Bulger
(Mary G. Simpson, 199 Camberwell Grove, Den-
mark Hill, S.E.); Taffy (Mary Hughes, 52 Rane-
lagh Road, Ealing); and Weir (Louise Bachiene,
Tchenkweg 44, The Hague).

Design for a Certificate.
(B II. Extra).
The awards in this competition will be announced
in the next number, the selection not having yet
been made.

Study in Lead Pencil of Group of Flowers.


The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Japonica (W. Cristall, Bronte Cottage, Lower
Heath, Hampstead).

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Canute
(Eveline A. Brauer, St. John's Road, Knutsford,

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
All in a garden fair (Anna Channing, 2 Dial Lawn,
Hyde Park, Leeds); Bamboo (Francois Quintella
de Sampayo, 9 Rue de Spa, Brussels); Broom
(Florence M. Chapman, Steel Cross, near Tun-
bridge); Blodeuyn (Miss Allen, 5 Albert Terrace,
Regent's Park, N.W.); Carlos (Charles Farrar, 20
Clifton Road, Halifax, Yorks); Dodo (Josephine
Norris, 32 Atwood Road, Didsbury, near Man-
chester) ; Dunstan (Florence Noble, 65 St. Dun-
stan's Road, West Kensington); Easel (H. Maud
Dawson, Bedford Street, Basford, Stoke-on-Trent);
Florizel (William E. Tyler, Westgate, Bridgnorth) ;
FrHillary (G. F. M. Hopkins, 97 Holywell, Oxford);
Gael (James Campbell, Woodside, Busby, via
Glasgow); Garden Forget-me-not (Helen R. Cross,
Cote, Egham, Surrey); Laburnum (Mabel G.
Richardson, The Dower House, Canwick, near
Lincoln); Lindsay (Margaret Lindsay Proctor,
Thornleigh, Ilkley, Yorks); DAme (Eva Milne
Atkinson, 15 Portland Crescent, Plymouth Grove,
Manchester); May (May Dixon, Mulberry Green,
Harlow, Essex); Meg (Marian E. Furniss, West Hill,
Epsom); Mackworth (Glencairn Shaw, 12 Ken-
sington Crescent, W.); She (Cecilia Maw, Severn
House, Iron Bridge, Salop); and Watchman (R.
Morton Nance, 23 Westbourne Road, Penarth; S.
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