Studio: international art — 11.1897

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Studio- Talk

The wood-carvings here illustrated are by Miss
Orrinsmith, daughter of the author of The Draw-
ing-Room, in the famous Art at Home series, the
first popular manuals addressed to the improve-
ment of taste in home surroundings. The carvings
have been designed and executed by the artist, who
is now engaged on some large panels for the deco-
ration of a branch of Lloyd's Bank, one of which is



reproduced on a sufficiently large scale to render
any description superfluous. The octagonal platter
shows a very happy treatment of blossoms based on
a motive which frequently occurs in Japanese de-
sign. It is pleasant to see in each design a strong
effort to make away from the hackneyed Italian
Renaissance, a style which, whatever its first beauty,
has been made unbearable by too frequent imita-
tions. Miss Ruth Orrinsmith deserves the sympa-
thetic appreciation of all who hope for the future
of wood-carving in England.

STOCKHOLM. —Everything in the
Swedish national character which to a
foreigner seems singular or striking has
found expression in the Exhibition
which is being held in Stockholm this
summer. Visitors cannot fail to be charmed with
the spot selected for the exhibition, for it stands
on a hilly, verdure-clad islet, just as if it had risen
out of the waves. In the background are outlined
the slopes of Skansen, an open-air museum where,
among the pine-trees, the Sweden of long ago may
yet be found, affording us a faithful picture of the
way its people then lived their active daily life.
For hither, in fact, have been brought cottages and
farmhouses, entire and unaltered, furnished just as
when they stood in those bygone days, dotted here
and there over the Swedish countryside, before
loading ...