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Studio: international art — 7.1896

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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions

the two hundred pages. For an art so well
established as etching is not open to many un-
expected developments. The one novelty of any
value in recent times, the etching printed in
several colours, such as Le Pere and other French
artists have been trying lately, does not appear to
have attracted Mr. Paton to discuss its methods
and its value. The book, with Mr. Wedmore's
Etching in England by way of illustrative supple-
ment, and Mr. Short's masterly treatise, should
suffice for an etcher's library of reference. Of
course Hamerton's Etching and Etchers, if within
his means, could not be excluded. Others he may
add for his pleasure, but these four will meet all
his actual needs.

Design for Catalogue Cover.

The First Prize {Three guineas) is awarded to
Tockey (James T. Archer, 74 Brunswick Street,

The Second Prize (One guinea) to Pelican
(Arthur R. Read, 27 Copleston Road, Denmark
Park, S.E.).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Abonne (Henry Johnson, 11 Ayr Street, Forest
Road, Nottingham); A Disciple (ffrida Robinson,
St. Medards, Chesterton Road, Cambridge);
Ellaby (Shirley B. Wainwright, 147 Hall Road,
Birmingham); Edri (E. Richardson, The Gables,
Elswick Road, Newcastle-on-Tyne); Grotesque
(E. N. Flashman, 13 New Road, Bamet); Monte
Christo (R. O. Allen, Daltor House, Hinckley Road,
Leicester); Teres Minor (J. Williams, 65 Rother-
field Street, New North Road, N.); Tarras (A. T.
Brightwell, 7 Alderbrook Road, Balham, S.W.);
and Yeldah (T. H. Wakefield, Hadley Green,

Design for a Poster.

The First Prize (Four guineas) is awarded to
Slipstick (J. Lomax, 18 Boston Street, Hyde).

The Second Prize (Two guineas) to Arte (A.
Marshall Barrett, 28 Dalmeny Road, Tufnell
Park, N.).

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Contralto (Maggie C. Spence, 37 Pacific Avenue,
Belfast); Chef (A. Cooke, 61 Hargrave Park,
Upper Holloway); Eymore Wood (William Tyn-
dale, Springvale, Habberley Road, Kidderminster) ;
May (May Dixon, Mulberry Green, Harlow,

Essex); Pinus(R. J. Williams, 564 Moseley Road,
Birmingham); Q. (D. Chamberlain, 8 Park
Avenue, Glasgow); Rouge-et-noir (Jean Mitchell,
21 Crescent Road, Sharrow, Sheffield); Sand-
iviches (Florence M. G. Dimma, 59 The Common,
Upper Clapton, N.E.); and Snip (Harry Folkard,
99 High Road, Lee, S.E.).

Design for a Door-Knocker.
The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Curlywig (Frank Powell, 142 Lowden Road, Heme
Hill, S.E.).

The Second Prize (Halj a guinea) to Podley
(Arabella L. Rankin, Muthill, Perthshire, N.B.).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Arte (A. Marshall Barrett, 28 Dalmeny Road,
Tunfell Park, N.); Destiny (Florence D. Wellburn,
6 Swinburne Road, Eaglescliffe, Yarm-on-Tees);
E. I. S. (Charles W. Crosby, 19 Gordon Square,
W.C.); Elcong(Ellen C. Greer, 44 Harcourt Street,
Dublin); Ellaby (Shirley B. Wainwright, 147 Hall
Road, Birmingham) ; Grotesque (E. N. Flashman,
13 New Road, Barnet); Indian Ink (James S.
Alderson, 1 Market Place, Rugby) ; Jupiter (C. H.
Jennings, 7 Oxford Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne);
Max (G. G. Lynes, 32 Llanbledian Gardens,
Cardiff); March (Miss Bush, Beauthorn, Penrith);
Peacock (Amelie Pogny, 75 Waverley Road, Red-
land, Bristol); Sixpence (George S. Tanner, The
Knoll, Frith Hill, Godalming); and Ulula (Bessie
Ridpath, Ravenhead, Beckenham).

Photographs from Nature.
Portrait Study of a Dog. (D XX.)
The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to
Ranee (E. Louise Liberty, The Lee Manor, Great
Missenden, Bucks).

The Second Prize (Half a guinea) to Collie
(Alfred Cubbon, The Botanical Gardens, Old

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Ancestor (J. C. Warburg, 8 Porchester Terrace,
W.) ; Blister (Edith Bawtree, Brambleacres, Wor-
cester Road, Sutton, Surrey); Brownie (Georgina
Wells, Southwood, Croham Road, South Croy-
don) ; Iona (J. H. Liebreich, 6 Blenheim Road,
Bradford, Yorks); Princess (Miss Napier, 2 St.
Michael's Terrace, Devonport); Rooster (W. E.
Dawson, 24 Mapperley Road, Nottingham);
Sunnyside (R. Hunter, Sunnyside, Bearsden, near
Glasgow); Silvie (Mrs. Brogdon, 7 Fullwood Park,
Aigburth); Jip (Edith C. Voss, Allonby Vicarage,
Maryport, Cumberland); and The Wobbler (Whit-
worth Wallis, Art Gallery, Birmingham).
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