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Art and Artists in Australia

From an old world point of view it is interest- patrons to acclimatise English pictures and collec-
ing to take note of the very decided renaissance tions; this, while stimulating the local ambition to
just now taking place in art matters in the colonies, work, cannot have helped much to foster a taste for
but there are additional reasons that make the life Australian work. But there are now indications
of the Australian artist an attractive subject at this that encouragement is given to the local men, with
moment. The surroundings and conditions of life the result that they are sending in to their exhibi-
at the Antipodes point conclusively to the fact that tions work that merits the greatest praise, the more
a school of artistic feeling and expression is sure to so as a serious attempt is being made to found a
develop sooner or later, which will be distinct from truly Australian school; in proof of this, one review
any other Art movement in
any part of the globe. The

skies may be likened to Cali- - -.j ^

fornia, the atmosphere to X S'

South Africa, but the type of H /^^^^^^S^sSSsJ^L ' -C \ I

inhabitant, the scenery which .S^> '-^:w> \^jS**4r'~l

surrounds him, is quite dis- :// _ h&>.?i'S\\

similar to any other country.
The pronounced liking for
outdoor life, with an uncon-
scious love of the picturesque-
ness incidental to Australian
scenery are reasons why
artistic temperaments should
exist and artists should
flourish amongst this young
and energetic community.
That the artist in these lati-
tudes should have had his
struggles is only another
instance that history, even in
Art matters, repeats itself.

Of the struggles themselves <^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:.
none, perhaps, have been so
unmerited as the unfair com-
parisons offered by the many

attempts made by various Victorian artists' society, Melbourne

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