International studio — 24.1904/​1905(1905)

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Awards in “ The Studio" Prize Competitions

If the Christmas card is worth doing at all it is
worth doing well, and if it is to be done well the
work will have to be entrusted to artists who are
not artists in name only. If some serious step is
not taken soon the Christmas and New Year’s card
will join the late unlamented Valentine.

Jan (Miss Janetta La Trobe); Fir (Clara A.
Lavington); Helga (Josephine Hicks); Jay (Rev.
O. J. Jones); Penelope (Mrs. Walton); Toby
(Ethel W. Whenman) ; Turtium (Emma L.
Class B. Pictorial Art.

In the September Number of The Studio
there appeared a coloured reproduction of one
of Mr. G. S. Elgood’s water-colour drawings,
which was erroneously described as representing
Penshurst, Kent. For the sake of accuracy it
should be stated that the drawing in question
is a view of Compton Wynyates, the beautiful
Warwickshire seat of the Marquis of Northampton.

Awards in “the studio”
Class a. Decorative Art.
Old Series.

B II. A Page from an Architectural
First Prize (Two Guineas): Teddie (Miss A. M.
Williams, Walcot, Shaa Road, East Acton,
London, W.).
Second Prize (One Guinea): Phii (Jasper P.
Salwey, c/o Ravencroft, Son, & Morris, Reading),
Hon. Mention : Peter (Peter Brown); Sea
Gull (Mrs. F. E. Forbes); Alpha (H. P. Hing);
Architrave (C. P. Wilkinson); Bux (Bernard A.
Porter); Horseshoe (Percy J. Westwood); Kitty
(Mile. N. Deschamps); Pencil (C. M. Walshaw);

A LIV. Design for the
Front and Back of a
Banquet Menu.
First Prize (Three
Guineas): Curlew (Lennox
G. Bird, io Gatestone
Road, Upper Norwood,
London, S.E.).
Second Prize {Two
Guineas): Pan (F. H. Ball,
85 Scotland Road, Carlisle).
Hon. Mention : Doric
(G. W. Mason); Mac (G.
Macintosh); Alex (A. Scott
New Series.
A III. Design for an
Embroidered Fall for
a Church Lectern.
First Prize {Two
Guineas) : King (Oswald
Eaton Prest, 47 Haver-
stock Hill, London, N.W.).
Second Prize {One
Guinea) : W. Max (Albert
Boucher, 20 rue de
Bruxelles, Paris).
PIon. Mention: Ma-
rone (Mary C. Buzzard);
Auspal (James Tarney);
Alicia (Alice H. Watts);


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