Punch — 82.1882

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May 13, 1882.]



No. 30. School for Dramatic Art. Amateur No. 1432. Mary O’Nette and her Toys. No' 77' Leviathan Fishmg. Peter

taking a Pnyate Lesson from H. Irvtng. Briton Biyiere, R.A. " braham, P.A.

No. 26. LionDown; or, aDoymyLion.
A. T. Porter—a strong pint.

No. 222. Quite Too-Too-Too! or,
The Giantess. Outside the Cara-
van. Mareus Stone, A:

No. 504. The StringPuller. Amateur
Low Comedian, Mr. Joe Grimaldi
Muggins, trying on a Triek Wig.
| S. Melton Fisher.


No. 14. “ Indeed ! It may be true, but I shan’t visit her my-

selfMakta Brooks.

No. 30. Monmouth Pleadmg witli tlie King; or, Hoiv'l and
James. (See also our other view of the same subject). John
Pettie, 11. A.

No. 50. “ Iwonder if that's a Black Beetle I see on the fluor

there /” H. S. Makks, R.A.

No. 56. “ Have it out!" The iEsthetic Toothache. Sir F.

Leighton, P.B.A.

No. 71. Wedded. If not, they ought to be. Sir F. Leighton,


No. 90. Distinguislied Kurr-on-her. JIoeace Fisher.

No. 98. Sowing a Chocolate-a-la- Vanille Field. A. Melyille.

No. 122. The Norman Conguest; or, I rather fancy myself in
this attitude. W. M. Ouless, R.A.

No. 127. “ Confound you, Sir, you must have your Leg off!"

Notice the colour on the cheeks. Evidently contradiction flies to his

No. 148. A Rackety Young Person. B. S. Marks.

No. 163. “ If the middle finger of my right hand wqs not a de-

formity, I should be as happy as I am beautiful!" Val Prinsee, A.

No. 201. Might be described as “ Hard Lines." Same remark
applies to most of the specimens by this gifted Artist. C. W.
Cope, R.A.

No. 211. A Couple of Guineas. James Sant, R.A.

No. 261. The Punt and the Painters. The gentleman in the well
has engaged the punt. At the last moment he is saying, “ Now, you
land-schwabbs, we ’ll take any three of you for eighteenpence an
hour : or make it two bob, and we ’ll risk the lot.” This handsome
offer is heing discussed by the parties on the bank, who have all just
got their new things home from the tailors, haberdashers, &c. H.
T. Wells, R.A.

No. 270. Mrs. Swanborough; or, A Flight of Fancy. John

No. 274. Cattle after a Diet of Oranges. P. G-raham, R.A.

No. 295. “ A Merry Chase." The lady in the riding-habit is the

chased Diana. J. C. Horsley, R.A.

No. 308. Hard Water. J. C. Hook, R.A.

No. 313. How to rear young AEsthetes; or, the sickly-tinted
Family. J. H. E. Partington.

No. 314. The Academy Prize Puzzle. J. R. Herbert, R.A.

No. 64. The Bricabracksky Family
chez eux. M. de Munkacsy.

No. 272. The Runaway Knoek—
“ Just let rae catch him, that’s-
all!” John Collier.

No.557. Second Childhood; or, Ride-
a-cock-horse. Henry Moore.
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